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The sandwiches at park bench deli are really good, from the bread to the generous fillings. Tried the Cubano and the fried chicken sandwich, they were both delicious and were good value for money using Burpple beyond. Without burpple beyond, the sandwiches are priced at an average of $16. Worth a try!

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Every time I step in Nesuto to get my cake fix, I always leave with a satisfied tummy.

The Yuzu raspberry cake is something I order all the time and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It's light,, tangy, not too sweet and not overly creamy. The mix between yuzu and raspberry truly hits the right spot on my taste palette.

The rest of the cakes I've tried such as black sesame, c3 cheesecake, tiramisu, chocolate & the matcha one, are all consistently great!

They're on burpple beyond and may seem a little pricey without it. But are their cakes worth it at $10/ slice? Absolutely!

Garlic Pork Neck Rice Set 😋
Basil Pork Neck Rice Set 😊
Green curry with Chicken 😋
Vermicelli salad with prawns 😕

Pretty solid Thai food tucked in the corner of potong pasir. Affordable rice sets as well! ($8) Unfortunately burpple beyond can't be used for the rice sets but it is applicable on the starters/ mains etc.

Will order the above dishes again apart from the vermicelli cause it tasted mediocre.

The salmon tasted really good, but there wasn’t any option for the salad which came with balsamic vinegar as the dressing. A great deal with burpple beyond !


$21 for two beef bowls + 2 glasses of ice🍋 tea. Enjoyed the quick service and fuss free dining experience. Foie gras was seasoned well and tasted yummy! However I felt that the beef was a little over done, towards the well to well done side. Would have appreciated it better if I could request for medium rare 😁 will try it again!

Convenient way to enjoy a meal esp during lunch time. Seared salmon was really flavourful by itself but, accompanied with the gochujang sauce, it lifted the dish to another level. Burpple beyond 1-1 made it super worth it!

Great to have for breakfast! Porridge was smooth and flavourful. Century egg was not over powering. Youtiao was crispy but a tad bit too oily. Well worth the $3 paid!