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For 1-for-1 Main Dish (save~$25) Easties, mark this cosy restaurant in Kembangan down for date night. Order the Sorrel Salmon ($23) that sees poached salmon on a bed of spinach and zucchini, surrounded by a moat of sorrel cream. Alternatively, go for the Fish And Chips ($22) that sees a nicely battered barramundi fillet served alongside an appetizing red cabbage coleslaw. Photo by Burppler Timtamtum ✨
Craving for some desserts this mid of the week? The Hazelnut Praline Choux was a memorable piece not just for its form but taste as well. To our surprise, this was pretty big in size double that of a usual Choux. The perfectly baked crunchy pastry contrasted well with the smooth hazelnut cream in between. Simple as it was, this would be the benchmark of what we want for a Choux dessert. Of cos, there were other appealing items in their dessert menu to pick too.
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Fancy a Chocolate Pappardelle? We succumbed to our curiosity and was relieved that it wasn’t the dessert chocolatey taste that we feared for a savoury dish. Instead, the flavoured pasta complemented the braised beef in red wine jus for an earthy taste. It was comforting though there wasn’t any punchy taste to stand out. Similarly, their Duck Confit Tagliatelle had a full-bodied kinda taste from the duck meat which was somewhat restrained. Perhaps it was the chef’s intent to keep their pasta down-to-earth. Comparatively, to their starters had bolder and stronger flavours. The Squid Ink Bone Marrow was really memorable both visually and on the palate. A great contrast of textures between the marrow and crispy toasts. We were also delighted with the Honey Soy Crispy Chicken that would be a treat for everyone. Besides the dishes interesting savoury dishes on their menu, their desserts were as attractive to end a meal with.
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Truffle Wagyu Beef Ramen Located within the Hotel Soloha, a gorgeous boutique hotel along Teck Lim street. In case you are wondering where that is, its real close to the 亞东building, but towards the left side. Takeshi Noodle Bar can be easily spotted with its magenta neon lights. Fusion ramen that adds truffle oil to high quality japanese ingredients: wagyu beef strips and thick wavy ramen. Interesting and delicious. Highly recommended.
Unique Ramen Hop over to @takeshi.noodle if you are looking for unique ramen offerings! Love the balance between the mala flavour and drinkability of the broth. Happy meal!
Nested in the boutique hotel Soloha, the people behind this kitchen added some twists to their noodle dishes. Not missing out on the Mala fad, their Lobster Wanton Mee also had a light touch of Mala spiciness. Notably, the Mala touch was the highlight of the dish, next to the Japanese Char Siew. The fried lobster meat, however, wasn’t memorable. Overall, it was tasty bowl with the egg noodles and a gentle dose of Mala suitable for those who don’t fancy the numbness. The Honey roasted Iberico pork ramen was another of their popular item, where the honey taste stood out not only in the nicely charred Char Siew but also into the broth. This was a pleasant sweet touch to the flavourful Tonkotsu broth, although it may not appeal to those prefer the usual savoury taste. Fancy other unusual mix? How about Mala in a seafood soup ramen? The various noodle items in their menu should appeal to many in one way or another.
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