It was on 1 for 1 on burpple so we paid $10 for 4 scoops!

Cuor di cacao was so rich in chocolate. The white chocolate hazelnut tasted better than the chocolate hazelnut. And... the vanilla is just meh.


Not as flavourful as the mero saikyo, but still good!


Texture of the fish was so soft and juicy but you could still taste the “slices” of the fish meat. There was also no fishy taste of the fish. The fish was also fattiness.

Everything tastes so perfect 🥺

$4.80 for small, $6.80 for large

Packed w a bunch of flavours

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$4.80 for 3 pc, $6.80 for 6 pc
It tastes better than it looks - packed with some flavours they have there.

Comes w pork, ham, fish ball, minced pork, beancurd sheets, Chinese chives, beef, beef ball, cuttlefish ball, green bean, beancurd, bamboo fungus, chicken, pork belly, pork liver (we opted out), pickled cabbage, lettuce.

With that much ingredients, it’s definitely value for money.

We went w the mild spicy, could have opted for a spicier level though.