Comes with your choice of matcha powder or kinako powder sprinkled on top - we got the kinako.

This concoction has to be the best rendition of earl grey I’ve tried 🥺🥺 I love it so much!

Crispy Fried Chicken and Toppoki in Sweet-Spicy Sauce ($10.90) | Fluffy Steamed Eggs ($8) | Seafood Pancake ($13.90)

My go-tos at Ajumma’s. These three dishes are defo better than average.

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Flavour wise is definitely better than the normal fluffy eggs I’ve tried.


Came back for the duck hor fun.... but can you just look at the difference in the size of the mushroom compared to the last time I came (previous post). A lil disappointed that they reduced the size of the mushrooms because that was the bomb.


There’s some hints of herbal in the broth, but it’s not as pronounced as I would have imagined given that they put much emphasis on the spices in the broth. The portion of the meat was quite generous. The best part tho - are dem mushrooms! Huge af, super juicy and they soaked up all the goodness of the sauces 😋

We’ve got beef ($12.90) | Chix in a hurry ($11.90)
Opening special - 1 for 1

Boyfriend: it’s amazing how they can make the beef so tasteless when beef itself is flavourful

That sums up our experience here.