Tried the avo-ca-dukkah ($15) and the pulled pork Benedict ($15). Glad to say both were absolutely delicious with perfectly poached eggs that spewed over our toasted sourdoughs like a beautiful volcanic eruption. The pulled pork was definitely well marinated and accompanied by Apple slaw that cut through the sweetness. The avocado toasts were a little on the salty side tho. Still, perfect bench spot!

Probably one of the best butter squids I've ever tried. Cereal chicken, stir fried French beans and the jing du pork ribs also come highly recommended! It's an experience that can't be missed! (Plus the affordable pricing doesn't hurt too!)

Beautiful midtown burger ($19.50) that comprised on a thick, juicy and delicious medium rare beef patty sandwiched with crunchy lettuce, sweet caramelised onions and cheese between two perfectly toasted buns. Wished the pickle was a little more crunchy tho. Also, shout out to those crispy hand-cut fries!

An amalgamation of the best Singaporean comfort food that a person can possibly ask for! Only thing I would have done different would be to invite more kakis so we'd be able to tackle the chicken rice and satay bee boon!


Skewers and half pints going for $1 till 30 April! Don't say bojio! Amazing deal for the yummy and flavorful skewers that you'll be getting and our personal favorites included the chicken skin (in teriyaki), the garlic flower and leeks in spicy kimchi and the chicken skewers in all their different flavors!

First, I gotta say that this is one beautiful fudgey brownie that's altogether rich, soft and moist but with a crisp layer at the top for some extra crunch and texture. We got the earl grey and pistachio to go along with our brownie and the lightness of the earl grey was perfectly balanced with the rich creaminess of the pistachio. Best Friday night treat!


Superb sticky date pudding ($10) that is perfectly balanced between lightness and density accompanied by a wonderful and creamy vanilla ice cream to balance the sweetness of the dish. Sweetest end to a perfect meal (& literally a bit too sweet for my friends)

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Ordered the Lokal Ricotta ($20), Toastie of the day ($14.90), Steak and Eggs ($26) and shared truffle fries ($10) and the sticky date pudding ($10). So much love for this place knowing that there's hardly anything that will disappoint! Fantastic stuff with great service and a bustling energy that doesn't get too noisy or intrusive.

Got one of the signature waffles ($15.90) that was composed of a rose waffle, 2 scoops of lychee sorbet but we changed one out for caramel nut (?? cant really remember), frozen raspberries, lychees and a macaron. Nothing really memorable here except for their disastrous cheesecake ($4.50). I would probably come back again to try their hot dishes and to enjoy the ambiance which I must say is absolutely beautiful.


The premium chirashi is a definite must when you come here! Mountainous portion of chopped sashimi doused in sweet, savory saucy goodness over a bowl of vinegary grains of Japanese rice! Another must-order is the tamago mantaiko that honestly blew me away. Just a little disappointed with the quality of rice when I visited as it was overcooked till the point of mushy. (But then again, most of my other visits have really been more than awesome so it might just have been a bad day) overall, do yourself a favor and get your cheap Japanese fixes here!

Tried the seasonal special Yuzu Cheesecake ($9++) and the original Mille crepe ($9++). Reaffirmed my faith in Lady M to deliver impeccable cakes! Yuzu Cheesecake came on a beautifully baked sponge and was a perfect balance between the richness of the cheese and the citrus of the Yuzu!

Chose the original aloha poké bowl ($13.90) and added $1 to switch from rice to chopped romaine base. Fish was coated and marinated perfectly and the dressing went fantastic with the otherwise bland veggies. Only problem I had was with the tamago which was way too sweet it became weird. Would defo come back to try the sushi rolls!

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