visited a café at SMU after lessons and I must say their bagels were really affordable and yummy!! super worth tbh!!

this was their bogogi beef ($10) and the amount of beef inside was so generous and it’s also filled with kimchi, a sunny side egg and some veggies as well!! definitely worth the money especially for broke uni kids like me HAHAHA jk, can’t wait to try the rest of their bagels~~


really cute minimalistic concept FOUND inside the editor’s market at Takashimaya🥰

• Croissant With Truffle Dip ($7)
honestly, didn’t expect the croissant to go so well with this truffle dip, but surprisingly it was really good! truffle wasn’t very strong and didn’t taste very oily and salty as well, really good pairing with the bake!

• Iced Matcha Latte ($7)
their drinks came in a really small cup, not really worth the buy but would say their matcha latte was not bad!!

• Iced Houjicha Latte ($7)
didn’t really like the taste of houjicha, also I felt they didn’t really blend it well because i could taste the graininess of it, not sure if it’s supposed to taste like that!

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super lovely place with great service! sadly, we only had their desserts…🥲

Going 🍌 ($14)
going bananas will probably be one of my favourite desserts at this cafe! warm waffles that was served with our choice of ice cream (decided to try the hazelnut praline), walnuts, caramelised bananas and maple syrup! literally the best combination ever, ice cream and waffles can never go wrong☺️

Nutella Pie🍫🥧 ($8.50)
chocolate was super rich and creamy, went well with the tart. could have been better if it’s chilled a bit more~

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