was a little hard to find this cafe because it is located in the little nooks of tampines but it was one of the most aesthetic cafes i've been to! really like a glasshouse & the aircon was cold & comfy, great for a hot day like today. the waffle was super crispy and fluffy, and it was also flavourful - rly impressed. the ice cream not so much, we got the pistachio & arabica coffee, both of which had rather mild (& a little inaccurate for the coffee) flavours. spent $21.30 including 2 drinks that we paid for in full ($5.90 for the matcha latte, $6.40 for the hazelnut latte) as they're not included under the burpple 1 for 1. the price of the waffle + 2 scoops of ice cream was $9 nett post-discount. would totally be back for the waffles again but would try other ice cream flavours.

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bought their tiramisu ($4.80) & earl grey basque burnt cheesecake ($6) to try. after discount was $6 nett. the tiramisu was pretty good imo but it was a little lacking in the sponge part & alcohol so it felt a little too innocent. the cheesecake was rather disappointing - the tea flavour was so mild, it was barely there & the cake was like any other regular cheesecake (not flowy/oozy like one would expect a basque burnt to be). the top of the cheesecake was also kinda hard because it was too chilled i guess? but basically it felt like an overnight cake. the slice was also quite small in comparison to starbucks/coffee bean that sell their cakes at the same rate - but with burpple beyond, i don't really have any complaints about the price. would i come back again? probably not intentionally, but if i were to pass by & i was craving some dessert, i wouldn't mind getting the tiramisu again.

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priced competitively, khao hom by rung mama offers a wide range of authentic thai food that really impressed us! although many items on their menu were excluded from burpple beyond, we were totally willing to pay for the ala carte prices of the exclusion items, like the green curry (must try). total after discount was $49 for 4 items & 2 rice. the only thing is that we had the grilled squid (not pictured) as well but that was quite meh (not bad, quite fresh but meh - didn't feel like it was worth $18). the beef was super flavourful but a little tough for us. still!!! super recommend the pork knuckle & green curry. would be back to try other items for sure!

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ordered the miso carbonara & the grass fed ribeye, both $21 before GST, no service charge. with burpple, sarnies is pretty affordable! the miso salmon carbonara was quite tasty & creamy + the pasta was al dante, although i wouldn't recommend eating the whole plate yourself. the ribeye was disappointing from the get go - the steak was thin & so unimpressionable. there was large fatty layer that was really 🤢 but other than that it's passable, for maybe a 5/10. for the portion of the steak i probably would not order it ever again even if i were craving but i wouldn't mind coming back for other items on the menu becauae the staff are really friendly & helpful. the al fresco dining was also really nice & chill except that it's right by the road so you may not like that (exhaust fumes & road dust!!)

had the miso pork once at the cathay outlet so this is my second time but it still hits the spot and is still sooo yummy!!! the carrots were slightly on the hard/undercooked side but they were still super sweet! the truffle aroma from the pizza was satisfyingly strong & the crust was thin and crisp! the egg was the right amount of runny too. would totally be back for these 2 items. after discount, our total damage was $35.30 for two mains & two drinks.

no longer 1-for-1 but spend above $12 for a free mango sago pomelo or red bean paste with mochi balls. was still a good deal as we went there for the bingsu anyway & 2 bingsus would have been WAY too much given the huge bingsu size. about 1.5 times the size served at omma's at about 2/3 their price. only thing is their ice isn't sweetened so you'd need to continue to pour the condensed milk given every once in awhile - not an issue because generous serving of condensed milk too. we got the injeolmi one that had freeze dried strawberries bits inside and another ingredient that made the bite so interesting and flavourful. sago was mellow & unimpressionable but not bad, just standard lor. went at about 8pm & it was quite empty so we could sit in the cute ball pit! highly recommend, especially for families.

highly recommend this place! when we went to this place, their chicken bowl was sold out so they offered us the beef one for $16.90, that came with a drink & miso soup (for $16.90 for 2 sets after burpple 1 for 1)! as it was a really small space that could only house up to 6 guests, we were not expecting much but it was so delicious! the meat had a fragrant charred aroma & was juicy; the egg was a little on the more cooked side as the yolk wasn't really runny but still creamy and tasty. the salted egg fish skin sprinklings were super salty but very shiok when eaten with their short grain rice. rather generous portions too!


the flavours of these two popiahs were really so amazing!!! had a good amount of crunch to change up the texture of the popiah every now & then. not a very large size if you're a big eater but a good midday pick-me-up or lunchtime snack if you're going for a big meal at night. ordered together with the peach tea & after the 1 for 1, it amounted to $8 for 2 drinks & 2 popiahs. would consider a steal!!! sadly, there was a lady staff there that was rather impolite & kept saying (in chinese) "didn't he already say it just now?" when we were trying to clarify the drinks applicable, and when we ordered the peach teas, she immediately said "not available, didn't he already say it just now?". luckily her colleague was quick to correct her to let her know that the teas were available like he had mentioned. after holding my phone up for her to record the deal redemption number for ~30seconds, i moved it a little as i was keeping something in my bag and she rudely said "hold still, i still haven't written anything down". other than this poor service experience, it was a good time here.

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had q some trouble finding this cafe but the staff were so patient in guiding us here so if u ever struggle w finding them, don't hesitate to give them a call! we got the fling's noodles ($16.90+) and the nasty beef ($20.90+), both of which are chef's recommendations! the fling's noodles is essentially like the carbonara but with truffle oil so that really elevated the dish for us, and they had alot of condiments like ketchup, chilli, mustard, tobasco, chilli flakes & cheese so that was definitely a plus. besides mushrooms though, we didn't seem to find any other ingredient/protein so if you're looking for something carb-y, this would be the tasty dish for you. for the nasty beef burger, the patty was nearly well done and the cheese was more or less melted. the bread was decent & the onion rings inside the burger were a little oily. we enjoyed the burger but it was only worth with the burpple discount. portions were decent! for dessert, we bought the yakult cake ($7.50+) as we were feeling a little adventurous but were not fans of it. the sponge was infused (like literally soaked) with yakult and the "cream" was frozen white chocolate. still, it was interesting to try & would totally come back again if we're around here!

food was decently priced at 2six cafe & surprisingly good! was expecting the food to be rather subpar as the cafe was quite empty & tended to be as such most of the time but we were pleasantly surprised that the food was actually really tasty! for the bbq jumbo beef burger ($17.90), the sauce was flavourful and the bacon added the extra ✨crunch✨ and dimension to it. really wished they had served it with a side of fries rather than potato chips though. the bread was crispy & the portion was generous enough for us to be unable to finish the burger. the eggs benedict ($14.90) was smaller and seemed slightly less worth it so i would recommend spending an extra $3 to get the ultimate eggs benedict instead. the eggs didn't really flow when they were cut so they would've done better if it was cooked for a little less time. we got the matcha & mocha lattes ($7.90 each) but they sadly tasted more like milk than matcha/mocha. perhaps a fruity drink would've been more of a steal. other than that, the meal was enjoyable & affordable. would be back to try the millie cakes/tiramisu next round as they were so pretty & interesting!

came here for a family dinner & was not disappointed. at first step in, the ambience was really pretty & well-kept! the staff served us immediately & were really on the ball in answering our questions about burpple. super sincere & friendly staff that checked in on how we found the food + our dining experience. we ordered 4 items: gulai chicken scallopini ($23+), rendang beef cheeks ($24), nyonya herb crusted snapper ($25+), braised ponteh lamb shank ($27+). they do not charge GST. the food was good as well albeit that the portions are a little small, but all mains came with rice, koropok, really spicy sambal chilli and achar. the food was yummy & enjoyable - think we finished everything within 10-15 mins! the chicken was reaaally tender and the lamb shank was fall off the bone too. the rendang beef had a unique fragrance to it that we really enjoyed. we wouldn't come back for the fish (it was a little burnt & disappointing) but would return for the rest of the items!

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the all day brekkie ($19+) was super good! a little greasy but in a good way if you wanna indulge in something! would recommend sharing the plate though so as not to get too jelat. we added another dish of french toast ($17+) that came with bananas, strawberries, candied (?) walnuts & blueberries. the french toast wasn't really french toast-y due to the thickness of the brioche bread but it was still flavourful with the sweetness of the syrup & salted caramel, as well as the cinammon. the banana was a little bitter though! our total bill came to about $20.90 for these two dishes with generous portions so i would consider that a win for today!