Delicious bowl of hearty pho. The soup on its own is already tasty, even better with the sauces they mixed for you. Had their pork slices bahn mi as well, superb! Pork was charred perfectly and baguette was warm and crispy!

Will go back again even without the 1-for-1 deal.


I remember the plating being different when I ate here when they first opened.
Taste also slightly different..

Overall for the price, not bad.

Very crispy chicken AND waffles!!!
Even after being served for more than 15mins, the waffles remain crispy! Most places, the waffles would be soggy shortly after being served but not this place.

Also, the butterscotch sauce is delicious! I believed they added rum to enhanced it!
Would go back for the chicken and waffles!

Had the parrot fish slice porridge every time I eat here. Standard never drops!

Hong Kong coffee and milk tea is good too!

Chocolate almond croissant is a MUST HAVE! Crispy, flaky and the ooze of chocolate.

Had the Dark Matter flat white coffee. Really good too.

Reasonable price and good portion!
Smokey and charred to perfection!