Flavours Blue Milk and Caramelized Strawberry in beautiful pastel blue and pink colours respectively 😛

Blue Milk is a light vanilla flavour that isn’t too jelat. My go-to flavour definitely.

Caramelized Strawberry managed to convince me - I normally avoid strawberry flavoured items - with it’s slightly sweet and tart flavour.

I absolutely adore mentaiko so it was disappointing to find that my mentaiko salmon bowl was slightly cold. :/ Maybe I came at a wrong time.

However, the mango roll was pretty yummy! Sweet slices of mango paired well with the battered ebi tempura!

Prices are great for fuss-free Japanese food with close friends.

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Once you get past the strong fermented scent, digging into the Impossible Burger at Stamford Brasserie was a pleasant surprise. Strangely does taste like real meat!

Unfortunately, it didn’t wow me enough to justify the price that impossible meats are normally tagged with.

My winning vote of the day goes to the Kani Miso - an unassuming bowl of crab tomalley paste that was full of umami flavours 😍😍😍 Runner up goes to mentaiko rosti!

Overall a great menu and fantastic dining ambience!

Portions are HUGE and prices are very friendly, especially at a place like Esplanade.

Restaurant has an interesting concept - a great conversation starter with your friends/date :-)

My favourite dish of the night - the Onglet steak. Have never tried this cut before but I’m a big fan now!

For those who prefer leaner cuts, I highly recommend this! :-) Sautéed mushrooms and cheesecake was yumz too.

Really appreciated the casual ambience of the restaurant as well.

Was a bit worried that the mentaiko cream with salmon tempura udon ($15) would be too overpowering, but it was just right and I managed to finish it all up 😋 The salmon slices used were THICK and the batter wasn’t oily at all!

Hokkaido potato croquette was quite affordable at $2.80 for its size!

Overall, the location is so accessible and it’s a great place to get quality Japanese food (plus no svc charge.)

Medium-rare salmon that is slightly caramelised on the exterior. Amazing flavour and texture 😍😍😍

If only there was a bigger portion, especially since there are no carbs.


Growing up in Pasir Ris, my food options aren’t the most exciting. But one place that I have been eating regularly since my teenage years is Tea Valley, which specialises in Taiwanese cuisine.

After trying most dishes on their menu, the $7.90 Honey Chicken Rice (bottom) tops the chart. It is not overwhelmingly oily, and has a unique salty and mildly sweet flavour. Think honey baked chicken wings, but crispy!

Over the years, the price has increased exponentially but you can find them on fave to get a meal + drink deal!


I ordered my steak ($36) medium-rare and it came perfectly cooked. The sides complemented the meat well and the Garlic Mash potato was a stand-out with its well-balanced flavour. Another amazing dish would be the Lamb Rack (extremely yumz, not a hint of gaminess at all!).

However, what stole my heart at Tablescape was the free flow freshly baked bread. They switch up their flavours often and while I was there, I tried the ciabatta, rye, cheese and sundried tomato flavours. What really impressed me was the quality - it always came warm, soft and fluffy - that you would not expect from a free-flow service.

I highly recommend this place if you’re thinking of somewhere to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or any other special dates! (P.s they are on entertainer so 1-1 deal!)

Indulged in a double portion of the Kuro Buta / skewered toasted pork belly ($12.00 per portion of 3 sticks) thanks to our Burpple Beyond deal.

The fatty pork just melts perfectly in your mouth and is best paired with the dark miso paste and mustard that it comes served with.

Slight word of caution: The fatty meat is REALLY fatty. So if this makes you jelat, perhaps just one portion is enough 🤔

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When this soufflé came floating to our table, I could have sworn I saw several pairs of eyes instantly pivot towards us. And justifiably so.

This masterpiece of a chocolate soufflé ($16.50) is insanely fluffy with just enough jiggle, and a crisp edge to create just enough of a bite (my favourite part!). The inside are served piping hot and lusciously soft — with a dark, not overly sweet flavour. Perfect for dark choco lovers.

Go solo or paired with an additional scoop of ice cream (+$6.00) — I’d go without — this is probably one of the priciest soufflés on the market, but it’ll leave you feeling like a million bucks 🤗