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Tonkotsu Char Siew Ramen Always one of my go-to places if I have cravings for ramen and am at 313. Chabuton's ramen is always topped with white sesame (I like)! The char siew pieces are so tender that you can easily tear them using the chopsticks and spoon. You can also customise the hardness of the noodles, and request for less salt less oil. If you have a smaller appetite, order the half noodle (only applicable for ramen with 1 slice of char siew). Price: $16.50++
Weekday Ramen Deal PRICE: $14.90++ for ramen, choice of side dish, choice of dessert (ice cream/konnyaku jelly), refillable green tea WAITING TIME (from order to serving): 5-10 min DEAL PERIOD: Weekday lunch
Dinner Situation at Chabuton! Tonkotsu Ramen with an additional egg 😍 Last working day of the year is a half-day means more time to shop and eat! 😍(Although technically i stayed back in office after the supposed working hours for today la😂) Got there minutes before 5pm and the waitress told me to order by 5pm to get the set lunch which was cheaper. And even told the kitchen to cook my friend's portion later as I arrived earlier. So nice of her有沒有?!!!Refill of green tea was almost like an auto machine. Service 👍👍👍 ▪ 服務生阿姨人超級超級好,不僅幫我省錢,讓在限定時間內點午餐套餐,得知我早到還吩咐廚房晚點才煮我朋友的那份拉麵。超有心的❤ 茶水也會自動幫你添加,我們至少喝了三四杯哈哈,因為一見底他就幫你添加😂 服務超讚👍
Hui Min
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