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It comes with complimentary kimchi chigae. However, it is quote disappointing that the pork belly is not tender and not very fresh (got very strong frozen meat taste).

First time brought my mum to international linch buffet on a quiet Monday. They served wide range of varieties from asian to western. Service was good and price was reasonable.

Truffle Sweet Potato Fries, Salted Egg Wings and Curious Breakfast. $60

The nicest pizza I have encounter so far. The crust is soft and delicious. We tried smoked salmon, parma ham, pulled chicken and mushroom. They were superb!

This is one of the hidden gem in bukit timah. It is a very comfort and quiet place to chill. The pasta and tea were great and at very reasonable price. We tried this signature dessert but it is way too sweet for me.

I love their Cod&Leek and it comes with mashes potatoes


My favourite is still the XO carrot cake and siew mai. Most disappointing is the deep fried bacon cheese prawn roll; it was not served hot hence there is no taste of the melting cheese.

Brunch dates at Privè is no longer new to us. As we were trying to find a place at chill along orchard road at 11:30pm, it was a pleasant surprise to find them serving delicious cocktails at their bar too!

I have been to many craftsmen's chains and they never disappoint me. They served great coffee and tasty breakfast set. Finally they opened one nearer to the west.

Tried something new this time; taro latte. It was great! Not too sweet, not too milk. Perfect!

While I have heard of Lime at the Parkroyal at Pickering, my main interest was with the form of the building itself, being an architect and all. But the boys and I decided to give Lime’s buffet a go one night, and while it wasn’t the worst, it certainly wasn’t the greatest either.

So, what’s the bad news? Well, the buffet selection is laughably limited. There are several stations: salad, bread, soup, seafood, western, oriental, and dessert. Sounds like every buffet in Singapore ever, but the thing I’m Pick-ering (ahem) on is the lack of choices within the stations.

The seafood station is reasonably well stocked, with the usual suspects of assorted sashimi, shellfish and crabs residing in that station. I was disappointed that there weren’t any oysters, but the Alaskan king crab legs did somewhat alleviate said disappointment.

The salad and bread stations were relatively unremarkable with all the usuals, and the oriental station was slightly underwhelming. While there was carrot cake fried to order on offer, there wasn’t much else there in all honesty. The soup station was an underrated star however, as there were serving up an utterly unctuous herbal chicken soup on the night I paid a visit alongside several other stellar soups.

The biggest disappointment was definitely the western station with its very limited selection. The carving station only had a beef chuck roast, and the other selections were either Oyster Rockefeller, or crispy pulled pork knuckles stuffed into a small mantou bun.

Now, what’s the good news, you might ask? While the selection was disappointingly limited, the quality of all the food on offer was undoubtedly excellent. The seafood, as well as the salmon, tuna and scallop sashimi were exceptionally fresh, the oriental food was undeniably delicious and authentic, and the three components from the western station were quite titillating.

The real MVP was definitely the dessert station. That was the one station with a healthy variety, and everything from the durian pengat to the chocolate mousse cake was excitingly enjoyable and exceptionally executed.

If you don’t mind a little less variety in exchange for quality in your buffet spread, Lime is definitely the place you want to be Pick-ering. If you’re more keen on variety, park your royals somewhere else.

Available for weekend buffets only at $48/$68++ for lunch/dinner. So happy to be back here again for my roast pork. I've been here three times, and I'm still impressed by how they could serve such quality roasts for buffets. That ultra crispy and crackling skin that encased many sinful bursts of pork oil... That's calories worth piling on for. For Christmas, the pork roll is stuffed with sautés diced Chorizo, oregano, onions and Granny Smith apples, and that's what's in that little lump you see on the left there.
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