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Wagyu + Uni Bowl Had the pleasure bowl and normal wagyu bowl the last time and wanted to try something different. Felt like their portions has decreased since the last time I was here. Beef quality still good nonetheless and service was impeccable. Didn’t really fancy the tempura. If you’re ordering starters, the Camembert mochi and chicken wings is the tried and true way to go (imho).
Guilty Pleasure Rice Bowl The entrance of this place looks relatively unassuming, yet the rice bowl we had was anything but. We visited this place while there was an anniversary one-for-one promotion on the Guilty Pleasure Bowl (Japanese Wagyu, ikura, uni, caviar, foie gras and onsen egg 😋) or the Kabuke Pleasure Bowl (with Australian Wagyu instead). We chose the Guilty Pleasure Bowl. Although the bowl was not huge, servings of foie gras and uni were generous, and the wagyu beef slices were cooked to a tender perfection. There was also happy hour one-for-one sake and very reasonably priced bar bites. B was beaming from ear to ear with the promos 😁 Guilty Pleasure Bowl - $88 90ml glass of sake - $12 Bites (chicken wings and salted egg renkon chips) - 2 for $6 Prices before GST and service charge
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‘twas My Pleasure Kabuke’s Guilty Pleasure Bowl is ten percent onsen egg, twenty percent Japanese wagyu, fifteen percent concentrated pleasure of foie gras, five percent uni and fifty percent rice, and a hundred percent Pleasure with zero percent Guilt. Thanks to fellow Tastemaker Justin’s heads-up, I found myself celebrating my birthday at Kabuke on their second anniversary, ready for them to pleasure me with their 1-for-1 anniversary offer on their Kabuke & Guilty Pleasure bowls. The Guilty Pleasure bowl, which sets you back at a rate of $88++ a pop, is an off menu bowl that sees Japanese wagyu striploin in place of its Aussie counterpart, which is in the Kabuke Pleasure Bowl ($58++). While the Japanese Kagoshima Wagyu striploin was certainly tender and adequately fatty, it was a little underwhelming as I felt that it could’ve been more well salted to turn the beefy, fatty flavours up to 11. However, I’m dead certain that the beef has been perfumed with truffle, as the unmistakable aroma of it was insistent & strong. The foie gras might just be one of the best I’ve had thus far. It was cooked just right, and it melted in my mouth just like butter. The seasoning was stellar, with the unknown glaze coating the foie gras being sweet, sticky & unforgettably umami in all the right amounts. The little dollop of uni was ludicrously creamy and beautifully briny, giving a little taste of the ocean it was fished out from. The rice, while simple, was superbly steamed and served its role as a warm, wholesome comforting backdrop to the rest of the carnal pleasures that adorned this very, very, pleasurable bowl. The onsen egg was overcooked, but it managed to serve its purpose of lubricating the grains of rice sufficiently enough for easier ingestion. Satisfaction? Most definitely. Pleasure? All of it. Guilt. None of it. Hotel? Trivago.
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Brown Buttered Chicken While Steakville specialises in steak, I didn’t regret ordering the Brown Buttered Chicken ($15). The chicken breast was slow-cooked in butter with cloves of garlic and herbs for a mouthwatering aroma. Unlike some tough and dry breast meat out there, the chicken was tender and succulent. To my surprise, the butter wasn’t too “jelak”, but then again, the slab of chicken was sitting in the pool of butter (definitely normal) which was slightly unnerving as I feared the calories 😂 It was delicious nonetheless.
Ribeye With Bone-in Had a catch-up with a few girl-friends at Steakville. We ordered items from their usual main menu, when a couple 2 tables away from us had this huge platter of meat done with Flambé in front of them. Intrigued, we asked the staff about it. Only then we were told it’s the special for the day. They had 3 pieces of such Ribeyes from their supplier fresh on the day itself. Hence, it’s offered as a special. So, we decided to change our order to this. So glad we did! Because the meat was fabulous! If and when you’re dining here, do ask if they have any special of the day because they don’t put it up on their social media.
Beef Platter They ran out of the Hanger steak. So, we had another Ribeye instead. So it was perfect for 2 pax, each of us had a Ribeye steak and shared the Wagyu between us. We requested not to have any sauce or dressing to the medium-rare steak, as it’s best to taste the beef with the generous amounts of sea salt sprinkled all over the plate.
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For a newly launched @burpplebeyond set for 2, there were 10 dishes with free-flow rice and a decanter of drink. The sheer length of this set looked impressive. It included their delicious braised pork belly and Mei Cai, sous vide Wagyu steak, burnt chilli chicken and fried chicken, Kao Rou, steamed prawns, mermaid fish with plum powder. And there was the braised cabbage with bamboo shoots that were really yummy. The meal would end with red tea jelly if there was still space in the stomach for it. It was a very comprehensive set with lots of meat, seafood and vegetables. Perfect set to sample most of the popular dishes at @thesaltedplumsg except that they weren’t of sampling sizes. In fact, we felt that this set was even good to feed 4. In summary, it was of amazing value on top of the great flavours.
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Not rly worth it Food here is kinda overpriced n really oily maybe it’s the night we visited but pretty disappointed cos reviews seemed rather promising. All the food comes in $5/$10/$15 but tbh the stuff that looks good predominantly falls under the $15 section. Total bill was $73 for 2 ppl n it was Zichar so rly not worth imo
Burnt Chilli Chicken Rice Bowl ($10++) The Salted Plum is one of the more popular lunch places in the area for their value for money lunch deals on their rice bowls. The Burnt Chilli Chicken Rice Bowl is filled with generous chunks of charred chicken which packed serious heat while staying tender on the inside. Mix all of that together with the onsen egg and the rice to get a winning combination. Note: Rice bowls only available for weekday lunch
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