first time here, got the baby octopus piperade for starters and it really whet our appetites for the meal ahead. as for mains, i really liked the tri-tip steak! though seemingly quite well done, it was not at all chewy but rather crispy at the edges and perfect in the centre. as for dessert, we had to get the tiramisu, which was decadent for sure!

Cozy place, conveniently located near Sixth Avenue MRT station. Staff were attentive and provided great service. Portions were huge! Meat on the ribs were fall-off-the-bone tender—would recommend sharing :)

at a cava and tapas bar, of course cava and tapas are must-orders. so i got this cava cocktail called Iron flute, and contrary to its name, it actually has a floral scent and taste—it was interesting to say the least!
as for the tapas, we got the Jamon truffle croquette as well as the Steak tenderloin with broccolini and romesco. loved, loved, loved these! i know tapas are small dishes but boy do i wish they weren’t! the croquettes were so creamy and the steak was so juicy. even the broccolini was really well done.
last but not least, when the menu has a section called “Our favourite octopus”, how could one go without ordering anything from there? so i got the Grilled octopus with baby potato, garlic parsley oil, and i can definitely see why it’s their favourite octopus. as a parsley hater, i was pleasantly surprised by how delicious this dish was. i couldn’t stop till i was done! octopus grilled to perfection, baby potatoes left me wanting more and more. 🤌🏻

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first time here, loved the music! was spoilt for choice by the extensive menu, but went with their scallop spicy aglio as well as the bangers & mash. the scallop spicy aglio is unlike any aglio olio i’ve had. scallops were fresh and there were bits of bacon in every bite. level of spice hit the spot 👌🏻 i was taken away by a surprising combination in the bangers & mash: the cherry tomato in the side salad + the belgium mash = heaven in a bite. the sweetness of the cherry tomato really complemented the buttery, creamy smooth mashed potato! also loved that they welcomed us with the “welcome drink”—the pomelo pulp was the cherry on top of a refreshing quencher. would love to come back to try their other stuff!

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before, i wasn’t a big fan of rice dumplings. after trying joo chiat kim choo’s, i am. got 5 flavours to try over the weekend and they really made my weekend! my and my family’s favourite was the nonya rice dumpling. the minced meat marinated and cooked to sweet perfection really made the dumpling. as for the pulut hitam nonya rice dumpling, the black glutinous rice added a delightful extra bite to the dumpling! i was also pleasantly surprised by the variety of ingredients in the emperor’s rice dumpling, as well as the hakka pork belly with preserved vegetables. even the hokkien rice dumpling was filled with meat aside from the eponymous salted egg yolk. i always thought rice dumplings were a seasonal or occasional food, but i find myself still thinking about the nonya rice dumpling—can’t wait to eat it again!

it was my first time here last sunday, and i was pleasantly surprised by how fragrant and robust the broth was! i got the supreme prawn noodles, and there were so many ingredients they were in their own clay pot, with the noodles being in their own bowl. the noodles really soaked up the soup too, so they were really flavourful. also got the tasting platter and i really liked their dipping sauce! haven’t tasted such a sweet yet tangy chilli elsewhere 🤌🏻

really enjoyed their house baked cheesecake! the creaminess and texture was on point, and as someone who usually doesn’t like graham cracker-based cheesecakes, i liked this one. second-time here at their Botanic Gardens location, and the steak is as good as i remember it :) i also loved their truffle honey! paired with their fried camembert and pickled jalapeños, this was really the perfect starter with which to whet our appetites for the dinner ahead of us~

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really enjoyed the purple rice yogurt, which is a must order! just the right level of slushiness with that fragrant glutinous rice, and the two paired well together, with the glutinous rice balancing out the yogurt’s sweetness. we also liked the acai mango—it really satisfied our acai cravings! loved the generous amount of chia seeds and how the mango’s sweetness was just nice 🤌🏻