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Loved every bit of my first Izakaya experience at Shukuu! ⛩

The interior was so intricate and beautifully decorated which made the ambience feel very authentic, transforming this corner of Stanley Street into a little piece of Japan!

I fell right in love with Sake when their experienced Sake Sommelier recommended their weekly premium sampler of Roma Sake ($9) from Fukushima. We were told that it was brewed with sticky rice at the very end of the fermenting process to give the Sake an extra burst of creaminess and sweetness. 🍶🌾

A must try would be their Gyuniku Jaga ($7), a beef potato stew which was very flavourful and filled with umami in every sip. 🍲

Will definitely come back again for more!

My Boyfriend and I heard that Fuego was serving Impossible Burgers and we definitely had to try. I am a big fan of steak so I ordered their Ribeye Al Fuego ($25) and it was served with a generous portion of fries and garden salad drizzled with balsamic sauce. The steak was cooked medium rare and it was really tender! We shared a Suntory White beer ($9 Happy Hour Pint) so it made for a great pairing with the steak as it was smooth and refreshing.

My boyfriend ordered the Impossible Burger ($17) and it was amazing! We did a taste comparison between both dishes to see if it really lived up to its hype. It was a tough fight but despite being able to figure out which was which, Impossible Burger tastes almost like real meat so kudos to the founders!

The Calamari Fritto ($12) was fried to perfection and went well with our beer too. We loved that the platter came with both tartar and spicy sauce options. Yummy!

We’d definitely visit again if we were gallery hopping at Gillman Barracks as both are within walking distance from Labrador Park MRT.

Kissed by Smoke, Hugged by Sauce, Licked by Fire.🔥

The ribs are a must try here at @meatnchill. We had the Journey to the Yeast special. Definitely the meanest ribs in town as their baby back ribs are well marinated and very flavourful.

Loved their Angus Cheese Burger as well :) Grilled to perfection, the juicy Angus Beef Patty was equally indulgent with melted cheese, caramelised onions and gherkins, sandwiched between two soft brioche buns.

Choice of sides: you’ll never go wrong with fries and sautéed mushrooms. A hearty meal makes for a wonderful date night ✨

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Located in a small corner of Bukit Pasoh, this wine bistro is a small gem waiting to be explored. Serving up Asian Fusion Cuisine, my boyfriend and I really loved the Foie Gras Lotus Leaf Rice and the Roast Pork Belly as they were perfectly delicious. Both dishes were equally savoury and well balanced in terms of taste and texture. The service staff were very attentive and offered us explanations of each dish. I would definitely come back just for these two on my next Saturday Brunch!

Stumbled on this cute tuck shop concept cafe in Farrer Park while on a date with my Boyfriend. I loved that there were old school games for customers to enjoy especially the flag erasers and the tabletop basketball court. I highly recommend trying out the Chicken Chop and Nasi Lemak as the sauces really stole the limelight. The chicken was really tender and the fries was fried to golden perfection. Bergadil was really on point too, one of the best I have tried so far.

Would definitely revisit Old School Delights with my friends and family!

I am a big fan of unagi and sashimi so when I found out that Teppei Syokudo’s Man Man Unagi Bowl had both my favourite things I knew that I had to try it. The unagi was softer than most places I have tried and was very flavourful, which complemented the cubed sashimi in the Kaisen Bowl. Not forgetting the sweet Ikura which helped balance the savoury Donburi. The portion was quite generous too. Great for unagi lovers!

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I had a wonderful date night out with my boyfriend at Fat Belly and I was very impressed by the entire dining experience. We were well attended to by the service staff and given bar top counter seats which allowed us have a nice view of the kitchen while seeing our food being prepared. I really enjoyed the alternative meat cuts that they offer and the Flat Iron was definitely the highlight of the meal as it was the perfect tender melt-in-your-mouth steak. (Kudos to the Chef!) Highly recommend the Tiramisu, Sautéed Mushrooms and Truffle Fries too :) Will definitely back for sure!

I was introduced to this place by my Friend and we used Burpple Beyond for this meal.

We dined as a 6 pax so we decided to get one of each dumpling flavour since we could get 6 set lunches. Each set lunch came with a drink and 4 dumplings as a complimentary side dish.

I really liked the miso mushroom noodles as it was really tasty and went well with the dumplings. The passionfruit sofa ginger soda was really refreshing too, which really helps especially since the Singapore weather has been quite unforgiving of late.

My top three favourite dumplings has to be the fried pierogi, the smoked duck and the original flavours.

Vegetarian and Vegan friends will be happy to know that they can dine here as they have vegan options as well :)

I used my Burpple Beyond for this visit and it was very value for money.

For $16, we had 2 Dons - My Boyfriend had the Pork Katsu Don which was quite authentic in his opinion as the Pork Katsu was well done, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The egg that came with his don was fully cooked but moist, which he felt was quite close to the originals he had tasted in Japan.

I had the Salmon Chirashi Don pictured below and it went well with the soy sauce they provided. I loved that they added fried tempura batter to the don to give that extra taste and texture to the entire meal.

Their Chawanmushi was really yummy as well, one of the best I have eaten so far.

Unfortunately as I was seated near the sink, I was splashed with some random droplets which came out of nowhere - dish water(?) - so that was a bummer from otherwise a fairly nice dining experience.


I had their original Butao King with their traditional signature Tonkotsu broth. I found it really interesting as there was this umami taste that was different from the usual ramen broths, perhaps a bit of shrimp was boiled together to give it that extra seafood flavour. Really enjoyed drinking the soup as it was flavourful but not overwhelming.

My friend had their ramen style egg which looked so appealing and yummy so I’d definitely get that the next time I’m there.

Great service by their staff as well. Will definitely patronise again!

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