This place really lives up to its hype. I LOVE PIZZA and so my standards are really high, but this really hit all of my boxes. It definitely isn’t the most affordable but it’s well worth the price. Mexico by day, Lebanon by night is my favourite flavour by far and I’ve since gone back to have it again within the span of a month!!! Please try it ~

A very well constructed dish with many layers of flavours!!! I was really pleasantly surprised with this. Capellini was perfectly cooked and the sauce complemented it so well. There was unexpected spicy kick, which I would’ve thought wouldn’t work but somehow it came together so well. Would definitely get this again if I’m back here.

Hits all the right spots. Crispy fried chicken, soft chewy waffles, creamy scrambled eggs - I would definitely get this dish if I’m here again.

We came here 5 mins before it opened on a saturday morning and there was already a queue. I can definitely see why. My only (small) gripe is that it was pretty pricey.

2 words - MUST. GO. It’s been a while since I found a place that I was mindblown by. I cannot recommend this place enough. An unassuming cafe tucked between random hardware stores with only 2 staff on a sunday afternoon - but these just added on to the charm of the place. Everything was cooked to perfection and what sealed the deal was the price point!!!! It’s really affordable - average ~$10 for each dish. The scrambled eggs were sooooo creamy and the mushrooms were so 🤩. 10/10 would visit again. Staff is really friendly, ambience is really nice as well - perfect for a slow afternoon.

This was so yummy!!! The texture was perfectly al dente - really nice and chewy and you can really taste the ‘handmade’-ness HAHA. It’s super super fresh and authentic Italian and that’s a huge win in my book. 9/10 cos this was slightly too salty for me, but otherwise a perfect plate of pasta.

Food was pretty decent - no complaints but it wasn’t anything amazing. The ambience was really nice and chill, makes for a nice weekend brunch spot.

portion was rly tiny :-( I was expecting a much bigger portion given that it was $9.90 but I was still hungry after finishing this. taste was decent, but wouldn’t return again.

REALLY NICE PLACE!!! I would definitely come back again. The ambience was really nice - 1st floor was very casual and cafe-like with really pretty interior and the 2nd floor was more upscale and classy - perfect for celebrations and date nights 🥰

Service was also really good - it was my friend’s birthday and they prepared cake for us (which was rly yummy) and the waiter who served us was really friendly.

Food was a solid 8.5/10. No complaints honestly. The cook on everything was so perfect and the flavours complemented everything so well. We used burpple 1-for-1 for some of the dishes, but I’d gladly come back and pay full price cos the dishes were really so yummy and affordable.

Finally gave this a try after hearing raving reviews from a friend who’s obsessed with this. I got a mix of the 2 flavours they had on rotation - acai and houjicha. I loved the acai! It tasted really healthy and it was so refreshing!!! The texture of the houjicha was thicker and chunkier, which I didn’t personally love but the flavour was very traditional and authentic houjicha - so I’d really recommend this to houjicha lovers!!

The manager called this “lady’s killer” cos apparently all the girls really love it. The smell of this was SOOOO AMAZING! The manager also explained how the different ingredients were freshly sourced and made, like the fennel and pizza sauce. The flavours were super interesting - there were notes of citrus almost? I preferred the other pizza flavours but this was still a very interesting try!

The service here is AMAZING and the ambience is also really lovely - quaint and homely. This restaurant focuses on authenticity and quality of ingredients and that really comes through in all of the dishes. All the ingredients (from the cheese to the sauce and even the peas) are so FRESH and you can really taste the difference that fresh ingredients make. The dishes are also made in a very authentic way - eg carbonara sauce is made with egg yolks instead of cream.

Staff is SO friendly and warm and it really made the amazing experience even better. The manager takes the time to explain all the dishes and ingredients to you, and always checks in and strikes up a conversation when he has some time to spare.

Overall a 10/10 place, super lovely and you won’t regret giving this a try.