After trying many shops. I still prefer yakun kaya toast. It always very delicious.

Finally Toapayoh has Popeye!!! I prefer this shop more than KFC. The biscuit always yummy. I love the tenders too! I will be fat soon.

Strawberry chocolate fruit tart. Too much whipping cream but taste nice. I love its chocolate tart. Dark chocolate~

This is the best of the best chocolate drinks i have ever had. It tastes not too sweet. Actually it is dark chocolate which i really love. Starbucks never makes me disappoint.

Spinach mushroom pie. Really yummy. Starbucks is not only good at drinks, its food also very nice and also healthy ( i think) hahaha

Potato salad for my breakfast. I love it!!! Starbucks made it taste differently from other potato salad i had ever tried before.