Ordered the Fatteh Breakfast, which was falafel, halloumi, poached eggs and pita bread. This was very filling and tasty, and something different from the usual brunch options. The restaurant was very beautifully decorated, great place for a lazy brunch.

Ordered takeaway pizza - this was a Gorgonzola and pork sausage pizza. The pizza was really good and authentic Neapolitan pizza. The base was chewy and had a good bite. The toppings had just the right mix to be tasty but not salty. Highly recommend!

One of the better hot pot places around. Had the tomato and corn and the spicy chicken as the soup base. The tomato was slightly sweet and pleasant to drink. Probably the collagen broth is overall better, though the tomato is good for a change. The spicy chicken I found a bit too spicy. Ingredients were fresh, of particular note were the crispy tofu skin and the dumplings. Service was brisk, efficient and friendly.

Nice spot in the middle of Orchard to have a quick catch-up or break from shopping. The menu is quite limited, but nicely executed. They have a wide drinks selection, which are reasonably priced.

Nice decor and ambiance. Sat by the bar and the staff were very attentive and friendly. The Lobster Roll was good though not great. The brioche bun was buttery and fluffy, the lobster was fresh but could have had more sweetness.

This was part of their lunch menu. Crab could have been a bit fresher, but otherwise a really enjoyable dish. The angel hair pasta was cooked well and the truffle smell was quite distinct. The ebiko and Sakura ebi gave it a nice crunch and saltiness. Good value as part of the lunch set.

Hokkaido Uni with handmade spaghetti. This dish was sublime. The creamy sweetness of the Uni went deliciously well with the spaghetti which had a nice bite and was cooked just right.

Amazing Italian food with a Japanese twist. This was Japanese squid with Japanese egg, squidink grissini and ikura. The squid was wrapped around the egg yolk, such that upon cutting the squid the egg yolk flowed out beautifully. The crunchy grissini complemented the smooth squid in terms of texture. The ikura gave the dish salty bursts of flavor. A dish to remember.