Service was absolute garbage. Staff was rude, angrily asked us to wait when we had our hand up (didn’t say anything while keeping hand up) When food came out, got our order wrong twice (gave steamed spring rolls when we explicitly emphasized fried and messed up drinks). As can be seen in the picture, pulled 2 strands of hair out of the soup of my pho (my hair is neither that colour nor that long). Most egregiously, however, (and I wish I took a photo), when the pho came out, there was literally a piece of uncooked beef (and I mean COMPLETELY RAW, looked like it was straight out of a packet of shabu beef) so naturally I instantly sent it back. Staff looked at me confused asking why I was sending it back until a more competent staff member came and sent it back
All in all, 0/10 would recommend if you care about service or hygiene, but ok lah food generally tasted fine.