I love anything with Mentaiko.

Lightly torched, it lifts the flavor of Mentaiko giving it a slightly charred yet rich and creamy taste.

The Gyoza is slightly pan-fried on one side which I feel that it can be pan-fried a little longer to give a crispier texture to it. The proportion of the filling in the Gyoza and the its dumpling skin was to my liking.

The Chirashi Don consists of 3 slices of Salmon (sake), Tuna (maguro), Yellowtail (hamachi) respectively, Prawn (ebi), Crabstick (kani) and Flying fish roe (tobiko).

It’s pretty fresh and has a good thickness. However, I’d wish they included some hotate and mekajiki into this bowl. The rice was quite little in proportion to the sashimi.

The Chawanmushi was well done too. Topped with Ikura, it gave the steamed egg extra flavor when it burst in your mouth.

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Honestly, this cup of pricey coffee was nothing more than mediocre. These days, cafe coffee tastes just like what I could make at home.

Furthermore, there was a pretty big insect running around the outside of my cup when it’s served. God knows what’s inside the cup then :) wanted to ignore it but at last, it ran into my coffee. And another cup was chipped at the edge where you put your mouth to drink.

I don’t really care about the food anymore though I didn’t get to try because I just went there thinking I could relax and get some good coffee. To me, the coffee plays a big part in deeming it a cafe. If it’s just a normal coffee that I could get anywhere else, this place is just an eatery.

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(Picture was taken on my very first visit at Geylang Bahru)

I'm quite disappointed with what was served when I went to eat last Saturday. The first time I went was when it was still at the old location where it's so much less crowded. After bloggers recommended this place after it shifted to old airport, the business shot up and the standard went down.

We waited for 1 hour 30 min to be served because good food deserves the wait but what was served was so lacking. There suppose to be pork rib, clams, crab, prawn, pig intestine, pig tail in the soup. But despite paying the same amount of $50 for 2 pax, the pot does not have pig intestine and pig tail at all. There were only 3 pork ribs, 5 clams and they probably substituted the missing ones with thinly sliced lean meat (which is not suppose to be in the pot). With the lack of certain ingredients and quantity of ingredient, the taste of the soup was not like before. The crab that was supposed to have the soft kind of roe (claimed by them that it is the best kind of crab and is only what they serve) became the hard orangey roe. The noodle was very dry and tasteless unlike what we tasted previously.

This is definitely not what I expect out of $50 + 1.5 hours of wait. Ended up filling our tummies with the extra vege that we brought along to add. Hope they are going to keep up with their standards and the words despite the sudden overwhelming popularity.

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Saw this place somewhere online with some discounts going on so decided to give it a try. Order 3 drinks. The drinks were really expensive and unworthy. A can of root beer cost $4. Ordered tom yam goong linguine ($17) badly plated, the aftermath is what you see in the picture. The oil left on the plate despite I ate my linguine with the "sauce" was terrifying. I'm not sure with its standard, it will even pass the singapore authorities. The buffalo wings are the wettest I've seen. Basically it's simple, over deep fried wings poured with bottled bbq sauce. The chickens chops were super dry, black pepper sauce has a weird taste and charred flavor at the end. Terrible meal. I don't know how people can have good reviews about the food here. The service is bad too. Had to repeat my order countless times to the staff over the counter.

Thai chai, macadamia and just coffee are the 3 flavors of my pick and a waffle which sums up to be about $13+. I love the flavors that I picked so much however the macadamia was not the best I've tried. The waffle was not very tasty and not crisp on the outside but the entire waffle is considered pretty soft. However I went there another time, the flavors available was almost completely different and I was quite disappointed. Tried some other flavors that day and did not like it.

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Many would think of eating pork knuckle when it comes to German cuisine. However, Brotzeit does not serve the best I've eaten. The meat is too tough and the skin was more chewy than crispy. The marination of pork ribs was not to my likings either. With what you see in the picture + 4 glasses of alcohol, that cost me about $250 in total for that meal. Very expensive indeed.

The soup with a major disappointment. I asked for extra extra spicy and the soup turn up to be less spicy than what I usually eat at other places. The fragrance of lemon grass, kafir leaves and the other spices are not there but only with a distinct taste of lemon juice. The amount of ingredients were pretty pathetic too, and there's no fish. Will not come back for tom yam anymore.

$25++ for this platter of mix grill which is their must try! It consists of squid, beef, chicken and prawns. I thought that the beef would be tough after grilling but no, it was grilled to perfection and you can see a little pinky on the inside. Not the flavorful kind of dish but if you like the taste of grill, this is it!