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Awesome Burnt Cheesecake! Their burnt cheesecake is worth the trip! Haven't had such a nice cheesecake in awhile. Totally out of the world! Flatwhite was decent too. Comes in 3 different sizes. We opt for the 5oz and it was just nice.
the Kins’ Burnt Cheesecake ($9) 🍰 Great news for café hoppers in the West, there's a 3 months old café located conveniently right next to Pasir Panjang mrt @ Bijou Condominium! Especially to my friends at NUS, it's just 2 stops away if you want to escape from school food at this minimalistic café with indoor and outdoor seatings! 🤗 . . Finally tried their popular dessert, the Kins’ Burnt Cheesecake ($9) 🍰. The slightly bitter charred burnt crust was definitely the highlight, it balances the sweetness and saltiness from the gooey cheese perfectly. Served with a puddle of sweetened cream on the side, the cheesecake was delicate and surprisingly light although it was served in a soft cheesy layer in between. The cheese was rich and creamy in every bite 👍🏻💯. We savored the burnt cheesecake in no time and although it is not the cheapest, I might be back for more cheesecake!! 😋🙌🏻 We also had the Houjicha Latte ($6, +$1 for iced option), not the best out there but it was done right and satisfactory. Nonetheless, just so you know that The Kins’ Specialty Coffee also dish out mains from their kitchen 😊
White (5 oz) Everyone talks about the kins’ burnt cheesecake, but hardly anyone mentions how delicious their coffees are. Coffees were unpretentiously termed 3oz, 5oz, 7oz, according to how much milk was added to the cup. I enjoyed the 5oz ($5) - it’s one of my favourites . Somehow drinking coffee in a ceramic mug adds to the experience, I don’t know why 🤷🏻‍♀️☺️ loved the chill ambience and will be back to try more ☺️
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