At first glance, what caught my eye was the thick and chunky assortment of cubed sashimi and the generous portion of fish!

The egg yolk was not just for aesthetic purposes, but enhance the texture when mixed well with the sushi rice, making every bite silky and smooth. The chilli padi also adds a spicy kick to it.

Freshness is a priority for sashimi, and this humble eatery nailed it. There were no fishy smell and taste, which was a good sign.

Some Japanese restaurants overdo it with the marination of the fish but the flavour was balanced in this Chirashi Don and not too over-powering. If you prefer a stronger flavour for your Chirashi Don, you can always ask for soya sauce at the side but I do not recommend putting too much as it covers the clean flavours of the fresh fish.

The Spicy Chirashi Don also comes with a salad and miso soup at the side. For those with a bigger appetite, do order their Tamago Mentaiko ($3.90) which was delicious too. Get their unsweetened iced green tea ($1.50) that is refillable to cleanse your palate between bites.

A delightful lunch at a hidden gem.

Lauded as one of the best Cantonese restaurants in Singapore, Man Fu Yuan that is located in InterContinental Hotel does not disappoint.

This Michelin recommended Chinese restaurant helm by executive chef Aaron have a interesting menu that blends tradition with subtle western influence.

I am personally impressed with this particular dish, Minced pork dumplings, prawns, baby abalone, avruga caviar. There are 10 dishes in total and this was my favourite in the dim sum lunch set.

The contrast in textures and the balance of flavours still makes me dream if I can have one more bite!

Caviar, a ingredient commonly found in French cuisine, surprisingly goes well with the traditional Siew Mai. The caviar does not make the dish pretentious, but instead was elevated with respect to the culture and the ingredients used.

Very enjoyable dining experience and excellent service with food that is praiseworthy.

Decent matcha shaved ice that pairs well with the red bean and mochi toppings at the side. The sweetness is just nice and there is a slight bitterness which gives it the character of Japanese green tea.

Matchaholics might want their matcha to be more intense but overall this matcha dessert is not bad. Worth a try after a meal.

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Green Tea Croissant ($5.20)

I have looking forward to this croissant. There is a hint of matcha but it probably will not satisfy most matchaholics. However, it is not too sweet and the texture is great for a croissant!

Kouign Amann ($4.50)

Flaky, buttery and with the flavours of caramel, this is worth the calories and highly recommended! Will definitely buy again!

Lemon Tart ($7.50)

Tangy and not too cloying, there is a nice tart to it and every bite was delightful. Some might find it sour but I love it!

56 Eng Hoon St
Singapore 160056

If you are looking for a plate of Char Kway Teow that is not sweet and oily, this is the one.

This is not my plate of Char Kway Teow. It is lacking in Wok Hei and flavour from the usual sweet dark sauce. Not worth the calories and will not try again.

51 Old Airport Road
#01-138 Old Airport Road Food Centre

Mee Pok was well-seasoned with the chili sauce but the star of the dish is the fresh and bouncy fish balls that has a very nice texture to it.

Be prepared to queue for this bowl.

51 Old Airport Road
#01-37 Old Airport Road Food Centre

If you love fatty meat, this is not a bad option. Be prepared to queue for this plate. Worth a try.

51 Old Airport Road
#01-121 Old Airport Road Food Centre

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This Orh Luak have slight crispy edges and the oysters were plump and fresh and paired well with the chili sauce. However, it is abit too greasy for my liking but it is still not bad.

51 Old Airport Road
#01-54 Old Airport Road Food Centre

I had read mixed reviews about this famous Hokkien Mee and honestly, I don’t really like it.

Lacking in wok Hei, each plate is served without the usual sambal chili. Instead, they provide chili padi with soya sauce.

Quite disappointing considered the long wait of 2 hours on a Saturday morning. I’m not kidding.

I guess to each it’s own.

51 Old Airport Road
#01-32 Old Airport Road Food Centre

The contrast in layers was nice and the texture was soft and bouncy. It’s not too sweet, and the floral and coconut flavours sing in harmony and hit all the right notes. I wished the portion was bigger though.

A wonderful rendition of the classic Chinese dessert.

78 Airport Boulevard
Singapore 819666

The tender Roast Duck goes well with the Plum Sauce. Sio Bak was lean but decent and taste great with the horseradish sauce. Major love for the Char Siew here that was cut into thick fatty slices.

I don’t mind dining here again just for this plate of protein.

78 Airport Boulevard
Singapore 819666

Been there a couple of times and the experience is always enjoyable. Great for groups and family to dine.

One of my favourite dishes is the popular Swiss Rosti with Smoked Salmon paired with Sour Cream. Perfect for Sunday brunch with a cup of coffee or lemonade. Their savoury crepes are also worth a try.

One of my personal favourites.

1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585