nice drinks and food just to end the long week hehe

yifeng was superb in his service 11/10 would go again!!!!!!!

Tried this using the 1-for-1 Beyond deal. While the presentation was nice, it was hard to eat the waffle together with the ice cream as the bowl was unstable.

Taste wise, the houjicha flavour was easy on the palate. The brownie cubes were soft and tasty, albeit not warm.

Overall, it is still worth trying!

Verdict: 6/10


Seek shelter from the heat at this BBT kiosk in the basement of *SCAPE. Sure to quench your thirst are the Iced Peach Tea ($3.80), the well-balanced Golden Oolong Milk Tea with Earl Grey Jelly ($4) or the refreshing Iced Soursop Tea with Red Tea Jelly ($4).
Photo by Burppler Jacqueline T

Made it to @benjaminbarkercafe which is located at Orchard Cineleisure, where the old B Burger used to be! The space is so gorgeous & screams insta-worthy from possibly every angle.

Apart from the gorgeous interior, they also serve up pretty decent brunch items!

We had the BB Benedict ($15), Laksa Pasta ($19) & BB Cafe Brunch ($21) with a side of Mentaiko Fries ($13) to share.

If you’re starving or have a really huge appetite, I’d recommend the BB Cafe Brunch, because it came as a massive pile and will definitely save your starving belly. Go for the BB Ben if you’d like to play safe cause you’d definitely can’t go wrong with that! If you’re looking for an asian twist, the laksa pasta would be the right choice for you!
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very nice cafe, cosy and quiet. I like that their music is very soft, so everyone don't have to talk loudly over it. yuzu latte was nice, and hojicha latte a tad too sweet. my pound cake was hilariously tiny at 3.90 but delicious so no complain there, just had a good laugh over it.

used beyond 1f1 deal and opted for the maine-style lobster rolls this time! very tasty and decent portion of lobster 😋 mentaiko version definitely worth trying if you’re a fan 👍🏻

Ordered 2 sets with entertainer 1 for 1 - medium rare and medium. The steaks were decent but would say that it is only worth with the 1 for 1. Got to try both truffle fries and mashed potato for the side dishes. Would recommend sticking to truffle fries as the mashed potato had a weird aftertaste. The sauce goes pretty well with the steak but it was not proportional to the quantity of steak being served. It is a cozy restaurant and service was pretty fast as well!

This brightly lit, homely joint on Tanjong Katong Road is great for no-frills dinner dates. Share the delectable Cabonara ($16) featuring beautifully smoked bacon, and the signature Chaota Belly Good ($18) that sees pork belly strips chargrilled to perfection. Be sure to dunk the pork belly into their spicy house dip!
Photo by Burppler Shaun Sim

Miso Salmon was pan seared really well. Pasta was very decent as well. Will come back and try the other food items!

Gnocchi was a tad too sour for my liking but the candies walnuts were a good complement. Sphagetti was lovely with the generous serving of mushrooms and bacon.

Chilled al dente angel hair capellini tossed in soy truffle dressing, fried shallots and a generous helping of furikake. I’d actually prefer less furikake for more of that soy truffle dressing to come through, but it was still a refreshing main to have. Scallops were very fresh.