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Sometimes I’m a sucker for my own “I told you so”. I’ve been to Brawn and Brains a couple of times since they first opened at Guillemard, and every time I’m like eh ok it’s aight but it ain’t my fave. Still I see it on ig and I start to think...maybe I’ll like it better now? At least for the rest of 2020 I can safely say I won’t be feeling that itch. They’ve got a huge fan base for their coffee which, in many ways, is plenty well done. Milk texturing and foam’s great, espresso’s tasty as well; it’s just unfortunately not the kind of brew I favour. I had the house blend which was described as boasting a nutty chocolate profile, but I definitely got a strong hit of acidity, some fruitiness, and even a touch of astringency. It’s also not as full-bodied and bold as I’d have personally liked, though this is 100% a matter of personal preference.
Healthy Bowl Can’t rmb the exact name but it’s definitely along the lines of a healthy bowl. Well cooked, tasted great, flavours were yummy. Was full and satisfied.
Cheese Crusted Beef Burger Spaghetti $18.90 Top marks for presentation – a cheese coated beef patty encircled by a gorgeous parmesan tuille sat on a tangle of pasta. There was even an onsen egg hiding underneath. I admit I ordered this dish solely based on its appearance, and while it was tasty enough, a couple of things threw me off. The patty was too heavily spiced and that detracted from the natural flavour of the beef, and the parmesan tuille was quite tough and chewy. Overall, still worth a try. Taste: 3/5
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Fried Camembert And Sweet Potato Fries The place is beautiful. It seems like a perfect spot for dates. Sit outside and get a scenic view of the park. The fried Camembert came with a berry sauce that was perfect. I am an absolute fan it. You can order the truffle may to complement the fries. 9/10!! 😍
All-day Breakfast By The River Serving all-day breakfast, hearty meals & even booze, @whiskandpaddlesg is a family-friendly café by the “river” at Punggol. Do expect a crowd on weekends as many might end up in this café before/after exploring Coney Island or even prawning at @haibinprawning 😂 。 👉Whisk Breakfast Pan👈 2 eggs of your style, smoked pork sausage, thick-cut bacon, sautéed mushrooms, corn on the cob, green salad, 2 toasts & sea salt butter 。 👉Bacon & Eggs French Toast👈 。 Though nothing much to shout about, everything in general was pretty well-executed. What a great way to start the day right ☺️! Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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For Breakfast by the River Take your pet for a long walk along Punggol Promenade, then find respite at this hidden gem on Tebing Lane. Have the beautifully-plated Mac and Cheese ($14.80) or the Red Bass Fillet ($25.80) baked with white wine and served with potatoes and seasonal greens. If you're just here for a snack, munch on the Louisinana Wings ($12.80) that are doused in an addictive, spicy sauce. If you're coming with your pet, note that you may only sit outdoors. Ice water is available for your furkid! Photo by Burppler nic x
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