Very expensive for Cheese cake. The cafe is small and quaint. Price for dine in cheese cake is RM 22 and for take out they add another RM2 because of packaging. All in all ok laaah..but not for RM 22 tho..

A simple nasi lemak bungkus with a good size boiled eggs, ikan bilis and delicious sambal.

Its a hole in a wall in Ampang pasta place. It’s non halal and it serves pork but they separate the cooking. So if you are not fussy you can give them a try.

Pretty good selection of beef. If you are craving korean BBQ and don’t want to splurge, this is a place to be!

Located in Melawati Midori is a good quality Omakase place you can find without having to pay a hefty price.!

If you are craving for meat and don’t want to pay a hefty price, you should go to Just Sear in MCity. The steak is cooked to perfection and is cheaper than most steak houses.