Finally Tried This Legendary "Zichar" Hawker Stall This is one of those stalls I have heard so much about over the years but somehow, I'd never gotten around to trying their food. I guess you can blame it on the high number of tempting options at Old Airport Road Food Centre. Well, I finally had dinner there with my parents tonight and most of the dishes turned out to be really good. Of the four items we ordered, the white pepper crab was the hands-down winner. The sauce packed a potent peppery kick but more importantly, it's very fragrant thanks to the huge amount of butter used. Both the stirfried vegetables and the onion omelette were full of "wok hei" and really tasty as well. Now for the not-so-good part of the meal. I am sorry to say this but the sambal stingray which I had the highest hopes for, was disappointing because unfortunately, the flesh of the fish was tasteless. That could have been saved if the sambal had been shiok and spicy enough. Sadly, even with the "belachan" mixed in, the sambal lacked fire and was strangely rather bland. I hope this was a one-off that can be attributed to a unusually weak batch of chillies or something along those lines. Anyway, our total bill came to $82, inclusive of 3 bowls of rice, which is very good value. If you are keen to visit, do note this stall is only open from Thursday to Sunday, and from 4pm to 10pm. They sometimes close a bit earlier too.
Best Combo: Chilli Crab + Fried Mantou Fresh meat crab w Thick and flavourful chilli sauce w egg..Slurp!
Fresh Crabs Fresh, affordable and great tasting crabs. Try their steamed crabs. 😋
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