The portion is small (I say this as a small eater) so definitely don’t get the $4 one 😅 it was ok but it felt like the stock they use just wasn’t tasty enough to produce a solid Hokkien mee? it was well fried tho, not too dry/wet and noodles were not soggy. Note that it doesn’t come with pork lard - kind of a deal breaker for me.

I was lucky and got my order really quick but I heard that the wait could be long sometimes.

Tender and juicy braised chicken noodles ($6) Even the breast meat is not hard and dry. The noodle mix is great, made even better with their piquant chicken rice chilli 😋 the portion is bigger than average but I guess it is also pricier than average. Great shui jiao soup ($5) overflowing with meat, prawn, and water chestnut.

Aromatic and tasty Sarawak laksa ($5.90)! Have not had the original before so can’t attest to its authenticity.

The beehoon they use is slightly thicker than our usual thin beehoon and slightly thinner than our usual thick beehoon 😅 cooked to al dente so there’s a bite to it.

The soup is thick with spices that is brightened by a splash of lime juice, the perfect sour kick. I can’t take spice so I like that it’s not too spicy (didn’t add the extra chilli paste) I would say I’m a small to average eater and the portion was just nice for me.

Super healthy and affordable leicha ($3.50) with generous toppings that include dried baby shrimp (hei bi) and preserved salted radish (chye poh). The soup was pretty good too, not too strong tasting. Added a Hakka tofu for $1.30

Pretty average fish soup. Kind of disappointed considering how Lian Huat is such a big name now! Fish is fresh, but soup is really nothing to shout about. Like your average coffeeshop fish soup.

Tried the Prawn Miso Angel Hair pasta. Pretty tasty for $6! Slightly on the dry side but good prawn flavour. Don’t really taste the miso but it probably helped with the umami mouthfeel. Appreciate cheap finds like this that feel like there was some effort put into their food.

Delectable sio bak and char siew ($9.90 for the medium bowl), albeit on the pricier side. They use Chestnut pork for their roast pork and you can really tell from the slight sweetness and complete lack of “porky” smell. It just tasted very clean! I wouldn't say the meat is particularly tender, but the skin is really crispy (a MUST for sio bak)

As for their Iberico char siew, I really enjoyed the fat to meat ratio and the flavour of the seasoning. I thought it could be a little more tender as well, but this is definitely above average.

Got some side dishes but they were just alright, can skip.

Overall, I don't think they're the best in Sg (Roast 88 is my go to), but I really appreciate them using more "atas" pork and it really shows in the final product (and price😅)

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The replacement of green jelly with coconut white jelly in the chendol was a refreshing change! The durian is abit too sweet and tastes very slightly artificial (to me as an avid real durian lover) so I would skip it next time. Otherwise really enjoyed this dessert, thought it was a great take on chendol!

Add cheese and mix it all up, you will not regret it 😋 this was tasty but again the quality of ingredients are just average, which is fine given the reasonable price.

Quite tasty, the tteokbokki was cooked just nice and I really liked the mix of cabbage, eggs and tteokbokki! Quality of ingredients are quite poor though, both chicken and eggs tasted unfresh which is unfortunate because the egg came uncooked and didn’t continue cooking cause the hot plate wasn’t hot enough 🥲

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Got this from the cloud kitchen at Serangoon Gardens. This was good but not really worth the hefty price :( the Laksa gravy was very lemak, full bodied and well balanced, but given that Katong laksa is almost a quarter the price they really can’t justify charging $19 for a bowl of takeaway Laksa. The ingredients are probably meant to elevate the Laksa, but the prawns were over cooked and quite hard.

This was really good!! The dry version had a good prawny fragrance and they were really generous with the prawns, which were quite fresh. My dining partner preferred the soup version as she felt the dry version was abit sticky - I really liked the concentrated prawny mix tho!