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I used to remember years ago their Assam Laksa was so tasty and I could top up ingredients to enjoy more of the tuna flakes. But this was so different on my return trip today. There was no queue at all, there was also no extra staff to take order and form the production line. It got more doubtful when I was told I couldn’t top up ingredient. Tasting the Assam Laksa, it was diluted and the taste was nothing more than ordinary. Absolutely disappointing. However happened to the once raving Ah Lipp stall? Really a shame. A few stalls away was an Original Tiong Bahru Loh Mee with a consistent long queue which attracted us to try too. But frankly, it was just decent too. Hmmm...
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Assam Laksa ($3.50) Bukit Batok just got more exciting with this newly opened stall selling Penang Prawn Noodles and Assam Laksa! 🎊 I had the Assam Laksa and safe to say, I’d be back for more! 👍🏻 The only other place I know selling Assam Laksa is at Bukit Timah Food Centre, and while that Assam Laksa has little sardine bits that make the consistency of the soup more gao, this one has its sardines in larger chunks, making the soup more drinkable. Soup wise, both are equally tangy, no complains there. 💯 Pro tip: The Assam laksa doesn’t come with prawn paste, but feel free to add however much you want with the free flow prawn paste imported from Penang! #Burpproved #BukitBatok #Hawkerfoodsg
Penang Prawn Noodles ($4/bowl) Trying this newly opened stall selling penang prawn noodles. The cloudy dark orangey crustacean soup broth looked really promising and amazing but tastewise, in my opinion it was not as thick or tasty as compared to other penang prawn noodles i’ve tried at other places (e.g.: Malaysia Boleh at JP and Let’s Eat at Ion). However for $4, i think it is worth a try if you prefer a less thick but sweet crustacean broth. Prawns used were fresh and succulent. They offer a big prawn noodle version that costs $10 and penang prawn noodle with pork ribs at $6.
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