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Delicious Meal of Hand Made Pasta The photo does not do any justice to the food that we had that night. If you want to splurge and have a hearty pasta meal then this is the place. Everything that we had that night was on point - Burrata, Rabbit Ragu Reginette, Potato and Tomato with Veal Jus Ravioli and the Cannolo. The portions were generous and we were stuffed to the brim.
Wai Sek Mao
Tortelli | $32++ Definitely one of my favourite pastas! If you had to order one pasta at Pasta Bar, it would be the tortelli. These hefty pillows were decadent to say the least. Each tortelli was stuffed with a generous amount of pumpkin and amaretti filling. The pasta was doused in a beautiful sage butter sauce that made each bite of the pasta most gratifying. When we first ordered the dish at 8pm, we were informed that the kitchen had just served its last portion and that it was sold out. I was utterly devastated but by some wicked magic, the waiter returned to inform us that there were still two portions left. Thank goodness for us! My advice would be to try and reserve the pasta when you book a table? Or come earlier to avoid disappointment.
Vegetarian pasta? This plate of Lagane is a vegetarian option at Pasta Bar, which doesn鈥檛 use any egg at all in making the pasta. This is a Southern Italy dish which has elements like chickpea, chilli and spicy garlic. There is also a dash of chilli powder on the pasta, which spots an al dente texture and a tinge of spiciness.
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Braised Duck The kway chap platter comprises braised pork, pig鈥檚 skin and intestines, braised egg, fish cake, tau kwa, and tau pok. Read: https://www.misstamchiak.com/rui-heng-braised-duck/
#sethlui really nailed this recommendation. I googled, Seth says this place legit, I ate, I'm impressed. Steady lah bro.
Duck Porridge Rui Heng Braised Duck is nestled relatively deep inside the heartlands, which is why I am constantly surprised by the queues forming at the stall. They serve what is probably the best duck porridge that I have had in Singapore. - There are two types of braised duck usually found in Singapore: the Hokkien style with the sweet, gooey lor (gravy) or the Teochew style which is salty and less viscous. I usually only go for the Teochew style but I'll make an exception for Rui Heng. - What makes me patronise them repeatedly is the great, consistent quality of food and the incredible value for money. They have one of the best Hokkien styled ducks that I've come across. An almost fork tender texture for the meat(yes, even for the tougher parts of the duck like the breast) and fats which have managed to seal in the flavours from the braising. The sweetness from the lor is not overpowering and you still can get hints of spices which indicate the complexity in making the lor. Most of their dishes go for $3 but come with portions that would likely cost twice the price elsewhere. - Even though my go-to is the Duck Kway Teow Soup (mainly because it goes best with chilli padi), I recommend going for the dishes that come with their signature lor. That means everything other than Duck Noodles soup. - Blk 703, Hougang Avenue 2, Singapore 530703
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C+ CAFE - An unassuming joint So we explored this joint located at Rangoon road and I must say I wasn鈥檛 impressed at the start. Probably because as all humans do we judge the book by it鈥檚 cover? 馃ぃ But this place really grew on me with each passing moment. . C+ stands for community plus and what鈥檚 interesting about them is that they actually gather various best sellers cakes from craft & home bakers and present le creme-of-the-crop for their patrons which is AWESOME because any choice would be a good choice? LOL. Perhaps it was CNY day 3, there weren鈥檛 much to choose from. We had their Yuzu Cheesecake & also a Nutella Chocolate tart! It was good but not like mind-blowing lol. 馃構 BUT what blew me away was what happened next! . While chilling there their friendly staff explained that we could watch Netflix (no chilling please) or play PS4 馃槺 etc etc and do we did. We felt so comfortable and at home that we end up spending 4-5 there hours just munching on our cakes, watching Netflix, drinking coffee, tea then beer. SO HOMELY! I鈥檝e never felt so at home at a cafe before! 鐪熺殑寰 Shiok! So if you want to goto a joint with an array of yummy cakes from all over without the hassle of going to so many cafes or if you just want a quiet place to slack and chill, this is it. . 馃搷Address : C Plus 鈥 217 Rangoon Road Singapore 218457 @cplus.sg #burpple
Limoncello by @theyellowteacupsg ($7.50) available at the @cplus.sg. Lemon cake comes with limoncello macaroni and a shot of limoncello. . Location @cplus.sg 217 Rangoon Road, Singapore 218457. . #cplussg #burpple #burpplesg
@cplus.sg is a cafe that serves coffee and cakes by local home Bakers, not only one but 6 Bakers in one place. feature Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel by @elijahpies . Soft sponge of Dark chocolate layered cake, filled with soft swirl of salted caramel and dark chocolate ganache. . 馃挵$7.5 馃搷C Plus. 217 Rangoon Road, Singapore.
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Relatively cheap and good We had the Burpple Beyond pasta deal. Good sh*t. Forgot to take a picture but I give it a 7.5/10 :-D
Rainbow Cakes Beating the monday blues with these delightful rainbow cakes from @noothermeaning that taste as good as they look. 馃構
Earl Grey Lemon Cheesecake and Cold Brew Dilmah Chamomile Tea Down to the last week, seize your chance to win a 3D2N all-expense paid staycation at M Social 5 Star Luxury Hotel by simply enjoying and voting for your favourite Dilmah Tea Inspired Menu when you dine in at the participating cafes/ restaurants till the end of the month! And one of them is NOM (No Other Meaning) Bistro & Bakery which is offering a simple pairing ($10/set) of their signature Earl Grey Lemon Cheesecake ($6.50/slice) and Cold Brew Dilmah Chamomile Tea ($4.90) - perfect for afternoon tea. Moving pass their well-loved rainbow layered cakes, the cheesecake was truly lip-smacking with the slightly tangy lemon curd top. The earl grey infused cake was moist and aromatic with none of the usual richness that I dislike in a cheesecake. Loving how all the elements meld incredibly well together, the cold brewed chamomile from Dilmah鈥檚 Vivid range certainly lifted the flavours of the bake even further and brought out the extra citrusy notes. Not only do they serve good cakes, their comforting mains are worth checking out too and great to bring the young ones for a playdate at their allocated play corner. Be sure to share your photos of your tea-inspired treats with the hashtags #TeaInspiredAwards #TeaInspired #DilmahSG. Read more here: http://competitions.dilmahtea.com/tea-inspired-awards/ Thank you Burpple and Dilmah for the invite; and especially Christie for sharing with me what goes into NOM and the story of how it all started.
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Meringue Roulade & Yuzu This place had been on my wish list ever since it made its debut on instastory and yes, I finally had the chance to try it. We had the unique looking meringue roulade and popular yuzu. Totally enjoyed the meringue roulade as the meringue pastry was really airy and so special to be used as the 鈥榮ponge鈥 of the swiss roll. Somehow it reminded me of eating Ritz Apple Strudel. As for the yuzu, I thought it just felt light and refreshing on the palate. Nothing too impressionable about it. Oh ya, the sponge cake of the swiss rolls served here seemed to be on the firmer side, for those who prefer a firmer texture to their cakes:) The swiss rolls here are pretty pricey for their sheer sizes, so do come on days where Burpple Deals are valid (unfortunately I went on Good Friday) to make it feel more worthwhile.
Nice Coffee It just got better with burpple beyond 1-for-1 Love the Swiss roll and scone. Pair up well with a cuppa!
The Plain Jane I always know of this place but never visited despite living near. I like how it is located among the neighbourhood and ambience was not too bad. I think the cake is quite good - Earl Grey Swiss Roll. I think it would be better to share because they are really generous with the cream but it felt jelat/jelak to have to finish it by myself. I never tried Chai Tea Latte before but I always like the smell of it and I thought this offered a more milky taste to it? Not sure how a proper one should taste though.
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