Western, Cheap & Good, Hawker/Kopitiam Hawker Western Cheep cheep gud gud y’all know what I’m talking about.
Bread Pastry Cake, Sandwich Bagels What’s better than a sandwich with a hole smack in the middle?
Cafe, Bread Pastry Cake, Dessert Do(ugh)nuts Or however you wanna spell these tasty beauts.
Dessert, High Tea, Cafe Cream Puffs It’s an obsession I can’t deny.
Burger, Bread Pastry Cake, Western Burgers Juicy, smoky patties; or even beautifully fried chicken — I’ll have em all.
Indonesian, Cheap & Good, Malay Malaysian/Indonesian Ain’t no one ever said no to rendang.
Dessert, Cafe, Cake Burnt Cheesecakes Let’s see how long this trend lasts!