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the mixed flavours soft serve ($5.50) was slightly expensive but it was really good! the sea salt was a little over-powering and I couldn't really taste the sweet potato flavour.

slightly more expensive than your usual macarons but they are bigger in size plus there is a wide variety of flavours! special flavours include lavender, Thai iced tea, sakura, hojicha!


stumbled on this small sandwich shop at telok ayer/Chinatown and boy was their Reuben sandwich ($10) so damn good! soft and salty beef with oozy cheese and sourish pickles, paired with cripsy hot the bread...mmmnnnnn will be definitely back!!

the royals beef burger is really good! the patty is always medium rare and super flavourful! plus after NUS discount its only 10.50?! the apple mint lemonade was good too but at $4.50 it felt a bit expensive. I ordered the beef panini on my first visit and it was really good too! will be back to try their coffee and pretty cakes.

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we order pad thai, kang kong, sweet n' sour chicken and clear tom yum soup plus Thai iced tea. Everything was damn good except the kang kong was too spicy :(

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the morning after pizza was really good! so was the truffle garlic fries, where literally half a clove of garlic was served along the fries! the lemon sobert green tea was really fragrant and light on your sense, plus we all loved the presentation! don't bother with the brunch dish(can't even remember the name), it was just sad compared to others


best matcha desserts in SG, hands down 😘😘😘


had a simple beef burger and an amazeballs cookies and cream milk shake at this adorable vintage American-style deli. they have a variety of sandwiches, burgers and brunch items! will definitely be back to try more. Gonna be my default food place in orchard!

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there are super cripsy and cackling pork bits in the sandwich, and the pork is just the right amount of salty. I really really loves the sandwich, wished I worked in CBD so I could eat it everyday

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finally tried 3rd and 6th! the burgers were good as expected, and they have a amazing variety of beers! will be back to get more of the burgers and more beers

the Matcha flavour is really strong! and the ice really melts in your mouth like snow~

had the Baby Hue which was super juicy and flavourful! the fries are a MUST ORDER, they are really freaking good!!