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Price - $1.80
Location - McDonald
Taste - outer layer crust look alike A1 curry puff crust.
Inner is creamy with chicken chunk, mushroom & pea.
Overall, experience is worth a try as this is McDonald first savoury pie!!

For a price of $52.90 for 2 persons, you can get to eat 1 choice of cheese pot + 1 choice of appetiser & 1 choice of dessert which is very worth !!!

Never failed to eat their famous shrimp with fried rice everything dinning in Din Tai Fung

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Yummy cranberry nougat bought from Taiwan!!

Having their mini tarts in three diff flavour - original, matcha & chocolate

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For the price of $4.80, you get duck meat, salted veg, peanuts & half eggs!!! Very worth

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