What a decadent chocolate 🍫 cake🤪 Super rich, moist & dense💋 Served with a dollop of fresh housemade 🏡 whipped cream🙌🏻 Can nvr go wrong with chocolate🍫🤭

All the presentation of the food is on point!🥰

Definitely recommend you guys to make reservations!😁

Loved the chill vibes here too! Will surely be back @mercimarcel 🤟🏻🤟🏻

Featuring 📸
~ Chocolate cake $12

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Pan Seared Barramundi was nicely done too😘 The charred skin was crispy & the fish 🐠 itself still remained soft & succulent!🤪 It’s lightly seasoned🧂 but when eaten 🍴together with the wasabi mashed potato 🥔 foam, the whole dish is oomph up😁 The wasabi flavour was not too overpowering, it gave the dish a nice kick 🦵🏻 to it!😛 Just by looking 👀, you could also see how creamy smooth that smashed potato 🥔 is😌 So so buttery 🧈 too💓

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~ Pan Seared Barramundi $32

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I LOVEDD @mercimarcel Tarte Flambée!🍕🥹🥹 So divine; Freshly baked with a super thin yet crispy crust:) With a layer of reblo-chon cheese 🫕 & topped with grapes 🍇, crispy smoked duck breast as well as roasted shallots!👻 I could also taste 👅 hints of fragrant truffle oil🫶🏻Although it took around 20mins (to cook) before it’s served, but it’s totally 💯 worth it🤤

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~ Tarte flambée #4 $27

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Ravioles de Royans is a french dumpling pasta; Each dumpling pasta is filled with rich Tête de Moine cheese 🧀 then it’s coated with a savoury creamy sauce & finished off with a drizzle of chive 🌿 oil, plus spinach‼️ Very flavourful & creamy😋 The pasta dough to cheese 🫕 ratio is just perfect for me!👍🏻 I got the small portion to share & it was sufficient😉 Best eaten while warm 🔥 because it can get a little heavy on the palate;)))

If you’re feelin bougie😎, go for @mercimarcel Ravioles de Royans with foie gras emulsion « orchard branch »🙈

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~ Ravioles de Royans $20

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Long awaited cake 🎂 has arrived🤣

Not any special occasion but just purely wanna eat @uncleleeconfectionery cake! 🧡🧡 Specifically @uncleleeconfectionery peanut 🥜 cake 🍰‼️‼️

Wahhh rlly damm shiok!!🤤 I’m telling you it’s freakin good😌🤪

Those who lovee 💖 old school cakes but haven’t tried this, you’re missin out😎

This cake is UlTrAaAa SoFtTttt😵 & that buttercream 🧈 to vanilla sponge cake ratio was perfect for me!😋 Really liked how this cake was also not too sweet!🍬

Every inch of the cake 🎂 is generously covered in roasted peanuts 🥜 I could smell 👃🏻 that fragrant peanut 🥜 aroma even before opening the box!😝 Just amazingly fragrant 👃🏻

It’s also so affordable 💓 $20 for the whole cake!!🥹 Get additional $5 OFF when you shop with @pickupp.sg using the code ‘FOODYDESSERTS’👻

Truly one ☝🏻 of the best peanut 🥜 cake I’ve had so far!!😘

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~ Peanut 🥜 Cake $20

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Been meaning to try out @puffsandpeaks for the longest time & finally I’m able to snag a box of their classic donut box thanks to @pickupp.sg 🥳🥳

I’m not a east-ie so @puffsandpeaks is way too far from me😢 With just a touch of my fingers, I’m able to get these floofy donuts 🍩 delivered right to my doorstep🚪 + $5 OFF WHEN I USED THE CODE “FOODYDESSERTS” before checking out‼️

I was literally rejoicing! Now I don’t have to travel all the way to Tampines to get my sugary donut 🍩 cravings fixed 🤭 Heard 👂🏻 sooo many good reviews on @puffsandpeaks & had to try it for myself!😁

Finally bought it since @puffsandpeaks was on @pickupp.sg 🥳

Doughnuts / Donuts⁉️🤣🤣🤣

The donuts 🍩 were all very floofy, pillowy soft & most importantly, wasn’t greasy at all😋 It’s stuffed with generous amounts of filling😚 & was exploding as I tried tearing it🙈

@puffsandpeaks did their tea series really well😉 Tea 🫖 lovers, I’m sure you’ll love it too!!!❤️

My favourite was definitely the matcha!!!🍵 Enjoyed the robust matcha 🍵 flavour, you could taste 👅 that distinct earthiness with a rich umami & bittersweet profile🫶🏻 Not cloying👍🏻

Earl Grey also had a slightly bitter tea 🫖 taste 👅 with a slight nutty and milky undertone but very fragrant!👃🏻 You could even 👀 specks of tea leaves 🍃 incorporated into the cream🙌🏻

For the Hazelnut Praline Chocolate 🍫 and Blackcurrant Peanut 🥜 Butter🧈 donut, loved that nuttiness that came through😛 Wished that there’s more of that fLoWyY-crunchy peanut 🥜 butter 🧈 for the Blackcurrant Peanut Butter donut 🍩 though🥲 it was rlly yummyy but otherwise, that tartness from the jam complimented really well with the rich peanut butter 🧈

Vanilla donut & Chocolate 🍫 were the most classic idt you can ever go wrong with this!✌🏻

If I’m not wrong, flavours rotate every week🤟🏻

Featuring 📸
~ Classic Donut 🍩 Box (box of 6) $22

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The sweet potato 🍠 pizza 🍕 was a combi I nvr would have thought 💭 about!🤣

Was sceptical 🤨 about how it would taste 👅 initially but it proved me wrong😁


This is a sweet 🍬 and savoury pizza!!🍕 Sweetness 🍭 from that velvety-smooth sweet potato 🍠 purée & savoury from the thin layer of cheese 🧀 on top;))

Comes with @nipongnaepongsg fluffy homemade whipped cream!! You get a creamier & milkier flavour 🥛 but honestly, with or without the cream it’s still so tasty 👅

& that tortilla CRUST?? So crisp yet so thin⁉️🤪

Didn’t regret tryin this😉

Featuring 📸
~ Ni Pizza $18.80

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{starting with savouries} @ladymsg Lobster 🦞 Toast with Pickles, Truffle Cream Crab 🦀 Tartlet, Mushroom 🍄 Duxelle Vol Au Vent, Egg 🥚 Mayonnaise Sandwich 🥪 topped with Tobiko & Cucumber 🥒 Cream Cheese Sandwich 🥪

{sweet} @ladymsg Signature Mille Crêpes, Champagne 🍾 Mille Crêpes, Strawberry Shortcake 🍰 (seasonal), Tarte Au Citron 🍋 & Pink Choux 💖

Featuring 📸
~ Lady M Afternoon Tea


@ladymsg September special, Earl Grey Mille Crêpes Cake🍰, is now available in-stores & online for delivery!!!🥳🥳🥳

I must say, @ladymsg is the BEST & my FAVOURITE 💖 crepe cake to have🥹🫶🏻 Never fails to disappoint me, my taste 👅 buds & my happy tummy😌

Tried almost all of @ladymsg crepe cake flavours & I definitely couldn’t miss out on this‼️

Lady M serves up more than 20 paper-thin crepe in each slice😱 This Earl Grey Crêpe cake is layered with Earl Grey Tea 🫖 infused pastry cream between each crêpe layer😝 Finished off with a layer of tea 🫖 glaze, a ring of earl grey cream, & garnished with blue 💙 cornflowers😍

Made to perfection🤌🏻🤌🏻

The flavours are very subtle but you could still taste 👅 the aromatic, pleasantly bitter earl grey tea 🫖 flavour coming through with each mouthful 👄 Though there’s a lot of cream in this cake, it’s totally 💯 not cloying at all🤪🤪

Such a elegant cake 🍰, one cannot resist!🙈

Don’t miss out on @ladymsg new crêpe flavour😉

Featuring 📸
~ Earl Grey Mille Crêpe Cake (September special✌🏻)

[P.S The cake is slanted because I was out for too long & it melted on the way home🏡😣]


Previously mentioned how amazing @keensbagelry are🤤🤤 & I’m back with another🎉

Their bagels 🥯 are still as delicious as I remembered them to be‼️ You can check out my previous post on the 7th August for the full description!🥰

HEHEHEHE this was a humongous bagel!🥯😱🤩 Would call this the ‘BAGEL STACK’ 🤣 Sandwiched with ingredients on top of ingredients😮‍💨🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Starting from the bottom, you have the Bagel 🥯 base, Tomatoes 🍅, Turkey Ham slices, Chicken 🍗 Ham slices, Legendary Scrambled Eggs 🍳, Salt🧂& Pepper, Hashbrown, Beef Bacon 🥓, Sriracha sauce, Torched Cheese🧀, Truffle Mayo sauce & LaStLyYy the bagels ‘cap’ 🧢🤭

If you’re there early, you can grab some plain bagels 🥯 home 🏡 too!!!🤟🏻

Featuring 📸
~ Customised Bagel 🥯

[NOTE: The customised bagel 🥯 is a special order & it’s not on the menu🫣😅]

Thank you so much @keensbagelry for the invited tasting🥰🥰

#keenbagelry #bagel #bagels #supportlocal #huge


Bought more kwa-son 🥐 from @nicher.sg 🤣🤣🤣

Their Kwa-son’s 🥐 are not only pretty affordable 😁 but very buttery-licious too!!!🤟🏻🤪

Featuring 📸
~ Plain Croissant


Strawberry 🍓 Ring, Chocolate 🍫 Ring, Sugar Raised & Honey 🍯 Dip were all very similar too!😝 With the same floofy donut 🍩 base (so soft, literally melts in your mouth 👄) but with different glaze! Sugar Raised was very simple, with powdered sugar all around while Honey 🍯 Dip was covered with a thin layer of hardened honey 🍯 glaze which adds a slight crunch!🤪 Both are mildly sweet 🍬 & lighter as compared to the chocolate 🍫 & strawberry 🍓 glazed🍩

Featuring 📸
~ Chocolate Ring $2.50
~ Strawberry Ring $2.50

Not featured:
~ Honey Dip $2.30
~ Sugar Raised $2.30