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Ordinary japanese beef slices don with onsen egg, miso soup and a drink. Beef slices were tasty, but overall ordinary for the price.

Ordered $9 worth of mala for 2 people, although wasn’t very full after. Could have ordered more and would have still been quite an affordable meal. Anyway, xiaola wasn’t spicy at all, and was more salty instead. Maybe the zhongla would be better for those who can take some spice.

2 for $11.9 with burpple beyond! Good portion of fruits and acai was good too! The acai base is one of the less sweet ones I have tried.

I think the ravioli was spinach flavored that’s why it’s green. There was spinach inside the ravioli together with some cheese too! Quite unique. Sauce was tasty too, creamy with some mushroom flavour.

The pork slices were super flavorful. The layers of fats together with the meat was torched nicely and left a slightly charred flavour which was great. Sauce was nice too. Portion was a little small but flavour wise was good.

Used eatigo for this bread for 50% at 8pm! Worth it as there was generous amounts of cream cheese and would buy again! Only down side is that the bread without the cream cheese part was slightly dry, but still a good buy!

Impressive latte art! Iced mocha was not too sweet and had just the right mix of coffee and chocolate flavor.

Super chewy pumpkin gnocchi with very flavorful sauce! Sauce was slightly creamy and cheesy due to the parmesan cheese shavings. It was topped with some seeds and nuts which added a good crunch to the dish! There were also some vegetables in the dish which made the dish more delicious!

Quite worth it with the huge piece of fried chicken given. Came with some kimchi and seaweed too, which was a good touch to the korean cuisine. However, the gochujang cheese sauce was not too much to my liking as the chili was overpowering the cheese:( First few bites were good, but the rest got too spicy and tiring to eat. Maybe order this only if you are in a big group so that each person gets a few mouthful!

Super cheesy and thick sauce. Light truffle flavor. Tasty crunchy bits at the top. Good value for money but recommended to share between 2 people as it can get a little tiring after half. Would definitely come back for this again when I’m craving mac and cheese!

Seems like this is a new flavour. Sadly, the salted caramel flavour was slightly overpowering. Would prefer more chocolate mousse, thus I prefer the chocolate tart from nesuto. But definitely good for people who love salted caramel (or toffee because the taste slightly resembled toffee). 1 for 1 on burpple beyond with drinks.

Crispy bacon pieces were really crispy and tasty! Carbonara was not bad, although it tasted nicer the 1st time i ate this.

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