Let’s start with the star of the show 😍: ROSTI MENTAI. Can I just say that I have never tried Mentaiko with rosti before and this blew my mind at how well it gelled together. The mentaiko wasn’t too jelak(thank God) & the rosti strips were gently fried- such that when you ate a mouth of the mentaiko with the rosti, it nicely glides over each other. It wasn’t too overwhelming and I quite like the rosti like that - not too crispy but in between a cooked potato and a fried chip. For only $9- this easily triumphed Marche’s rostis (comparing the value for price) something I would try in future is to eat it together with the beef cubes if you want more texture to your rosti!

The wagyu beef skewer was also equally amazing. They are famous for their charcoal skewers so give it a try if you’re there! The wagyu beef was so tender, and slightly melty! Price wise it was slightly more expensive, given the size of the skewer, but justified since it’s wagyu beef - it quickly disappeared down into my belly but I certainly can’t resist more! 😭

The salmon sashimi is something you can give a shot as well if you have room in your stomach. One thing to shout about is definitely it’s freshness, with each bite you can just about taste the smell of ocean HAHA.

All in all, I would consider this a (slightly more expensive) hidden gem and if you’re up for some sake, I heard they are great for them as well. This one is worth a shot! 👍🏻😊