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Very Affordable and good food here! Had 250g flat iron with truffle fries and sautéed mushrooms as sides ; food was served promptly ahead of time and staffs were attentive

Staff was pleasant and friendly, food was affordable and service was prompt

Would recommend the grilled skewers, really yummy and great to go with drinks

Mackerel was refreshing but would not recommend it to anyone who isn’t a fan of vinaigrette

Nice and relaxing place for breakfast, service was quick and food portions were generous.

Had “The breakfast works” and would strongly recommend it for anyone who likes a scrumptious breakfast!

Decor was really clean and fits the theme of recess time with benches that reminded me of school canteen. Food was affordable and really tasty! Bonus: Playing with some old school games from your childhood while waiting for food was really nostalgic and amazing experience


Service was prompt and pleasant. Had original king with level 2 spiciness, food was good and portions were generous especially with the char siew toppings. Soup was a little too thick for my preference but would recommend it to those who like thick broth

Food was good and beautifully plated, steaks were seared on a charcoal grill giving an extra depth in flavour!! Side dishes were amazing and came in generous portions( especially the mushrooms!!)

Would recommend asking for more salt on the steaks as I felt it was slightly under seasoned. Overall a pleasant dining experience with good food and really nice chill atmosphere at fat belly!

Service staff were friendly and attentive and food service was prompt, food portions were generous and tasty (generous number of tiger prawns paired with tasty & fragrant curry plus nicely toasted bread)
Location was really convenient and easy to find, just a short walk from MRT!
House pour wine by cup is really affordable too, enjoyed my experience here thoroughly!