This bar has plenty of gin to choose from! That's what I'll do next time. The cocktails were fine... a little lackluster. The Operation Siam is the one to buy. Perfectly refreshing, citrusy, with just enough sweetness. The Bloody Monkey was very disappointing. We found them pricey, considering you can get better cocktails for the same price elsewhere, but with Burpple Beyond, it felt a little more worth it. Most people in the bar were drinking gin and tonics. Lovely location!

We got it delivered (and it was cold by the time that we received it). That's usually a deal breaker, but this pizza was still pretty good! We ordered the meat lover pizza. Definitely a generous amount of meat! Yummy crust and sauce. The salad is ok, a bit pricey for what you get. We will go try this pizza at their location next time.

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My fourth time here, and it's always amazing. Gets busy during the evening, so reservations recommended! I prefer sitting at the bar, to watch the bartenders make their magic. Prices usually range from 20-25$. So inventive!! If you're bored of the plain ol traditional cocktails, come check out this place.

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We truly enjoyed our meal here. Yes, a little pricey, but everything was delicious and filling. The service was also wonderful. We loved the butter chicken and the prawn curry. And the garlic naan is yummy!! Great location as well.
If you have burpple beyond, this is a place to check out.

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Every Thursday evening, they sell oysters at 1$ each! Pair it with a very affordable glass of good wine, and you've got yourself a date! Cab be quite busy, so reservations are recommended. I have also really enjoyed their charcuterie board here.

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I always get their spicy beef noodle soup (Bun Bo Hue). It is absolutely delicious! I love Pho, but this soup really packs a punch. It will definitely leave you feeling full - awesome lunch pick. The broth is spicy and fragrant. Add extra chili oil if you like your face to sweat, lol.


Love this craft beer bar. They always have amazing beers on tap, and served in great glassware as well. But they also have pretty good food! The ATR burger is amazing. Seriously. Also recommend the salad, wings and pizza (if you like thin crust). Tip: sign up for their membership. It is free!

Superb lunch here today. We ordered a bunch of dips - all delicious! Hummus, spicy feta and tzatziki. The greek salad was gigantic... amazing cheese on it. Sounds silly, but trust me. And we also had the souvlaki. Really yummy as well. Finally, I had the greek coffee - very unique taste, and it will wake you up after eating all that amazing pita bread!! Prices are a little high, but it's worth it. Fantastic ingredients used. Awesome staff. Will be back.

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2 of our go-to dishes at Broadway: Tom Yam u Bian (broth is a flavour powerhouse. The handmade noodles are perfect. Loaded with pork, veg, egg, fried onions, etc... not to be missed! And only 4.50$). Secondly, we also love the dolsot bibimbap at the korean stall. You get that crunchy rice too! Topped with yummy ingredients. Fabulous lunch.

We love getting our Indian/Sri lankan food fix at Tekka. Great value for money, nice portions... and flavour for days!!! We particularly like the stall #01 280. And, eat with your hands! It tastes better ;)

Wonderful first experience. Great prices, big portion, but most importantly- awesome flavor!! We got the chicken phad thai, and basil pork. Lots of heat in the pork dish. Also great that there were plenty of Thai people eating here too.