Essence Afternoon Tea in Botanical concept

10 types of bite-sized pastry with a balance of sweet and savoury, with one serving of coffee or TWG Tea & unlimited ice cream in chocolate, mango and green tea flavours.

The high-tea leans toward the sweet note, satisfaction for the sweet-tooths’

Overall, the ambience is the cherry on top, and it is what I would come back for.

The sitting arrangement is so spacious that you’re minimally disturbed by other diners around you. The table and chairs are comfortably designed, the warm lighting, high ceiling and music makes up the perfect experience for a slow afternoon.

It’s not crowded on a weekday afternoon, and we could walk-in immediately without prior arrangements.

Total: $63.56 incl gst & svc charge (with burpple beyond)

Plain croissant 🥐 ($4)
Signature croissants are well-crisp & layered. A bite into this well-mix of crispy, floury & lightly buttered bake is a simple pleasure.

Chocolate Croissant ($5)
Similar to the texture of the plain Croissant, the chocolate filling is however very minimal and left us doubting if they forgot the chocolate. It may not be as indulgent as you would expect it to satisfy.

Espresso-chocolate Almond croissant with rye flakes and oat crumble (weekend special $6)
This croissant is truly a mouthful. It is thick on the outside with a rich filling on the inside. The espresso-chocolate paste leaves you with a punch as you dig into it. It is strong and can be overwhelming for an easy & light bite.

Earl Grey milk chocolate scone ($4.50)
Crispy and tough on the outside, soft and warm on the inside. The touch of earl grey was pleasant to the taste bud, making the overall scone a fragrant one! Unfortunately not as moist as expected, our advice is to pair it w a warm cuppa coffee!

Cinnamon Brioche Bun ($5.50)
Not in the picture but we had to incl. in the review as it was an unexpected favourite! :)
It has a crispy glazed cinnamon with sugar crust and swirled layers of moist caramel dough at its core. Such a hearty one!!!

P.S. motherdough bakery is currently only allowing takeaways! Please expect ~15 minutes waiting time & best heated up before eating!

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This dish is the perfect all-in-one if you’re down for a satisfying cafe-type brunch fix 🌞 Their portions are so generous, we guarantee your stomachs to be filled(especially for gurls)!

[Also! very!!! pocket-friendly!!!! if you have burpple BEYOND wink. For reference: we got x2 all day Brekkie + Cold brew deal and paid a whopping $12.75/person]

Despite their satisfying portions, there’s really no harm sliding in a plate of truffle fries to the center of the table! The smack of truffle is a little lacking, but you’re good to go if you prefer to stay away from getting too jelat from all that grease & after-taste.

White cold brew: light, smooth & hearty!! It’s not the strongest of cold brew, which we believe would be safe for those who prefer a careful dose of caffeine (“:

A tiny and cozy coffee shop nestled in the heartland of sunset way :-)

A quick & satisfying caffeine booster if you’re around the area!

Iced mocha - $6
Iced Hōjicha latte - $5.80

(Personally find that the hojicha tea had a weak taste as it was diluted out by the high proportion of milk. if you appreciate tea tasting as I do, u may wanna ask for less milk 😉)

Ordered 1 hot white and 1 iced white. The atmosphere of the cafe was calming and soothing. Though the outlet was tiny, the layout allowed for spacious seating. Their coffee has a full body and their milk was frothed well, producing amazing texture for the coffee. The baristas were very friendly and kind as well! 10/10!

For starters, Lowercase is a spacious cafe w a variety of sitting options. There are couches for the laid backs and proper work shift tables for those who come w a list of to-do’s.

Toomuchcheese burger:
A double layer of cheese slice and a dump of melted lava cheese over the top is the perfect combination for those who crave for a cheesy indulgence!!

The patty itself is juicy, soft and thick! However, the cheese maybe too much for those who prefer to save their stomachs & savour the other parts of the burger.

Steak Egg Benedict:
cut into the poached eggs and you’ll have just the right overflow of goodness!
One word: delicious.

A very interesting combination for fans of both. It blended really well together, love it.

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