Date Night, Japanese, Fine Dining Japanese Selections I could eat sushi all day. Unfortunately it doesn't come cheap. Here's a list that would help filter your choices and get what's worth your moolah.
Cafe, Travel, Breakfast & Brunch 8 Cafés To Try In Melbourne, Australia As the self-proclaimed coffee capital of Australia, a plethora of cafes can be found in Melbourne waiting to be tried and tasted. Here's my opinion a couple to visit that are hearty, tasty, and worthy.  P.S. Be mindful of the opening hours as most cafes in Melbourne close at 4pm; plan your visit accordingly. 
Breakfast & Brunch, Travel, Fine Dining Travel Stop: Melbourne Munchies Over the mountains and the seas - to the city of Melbourne
Good For Groups Burpple Tastemaker Eatups A collection from Burpple tastemaker eatups. Thank you so much Burpple and all participating restaurants!!
HeartyTastyWorthy's Bottom Marks I don't wish to create such a list but things don't turn out well all the time :/ this list is for food that wasn't too pleasant, or simply overrated from its hype.
Cafe My Coffee Adventure As an amateur to gourmet coffee, my knowledge to its complexities is limited, limiting my vocab. I'm looking to explore further into learning how to appreciate this beverage. This list simply features some noteworthy coffee stops that I've visited.
Snacks Buddy Buddy whatchu munchin' on?