Medium Llao Llao ($5.90) I haven鈥檛 tried Llao Llao ever since they left SG and Yole took over, so this was my first time in a really long while!!! Between Yole and Llao Llao, I prefer the latter because the yoghurt is more tart and refreshing! 馃槉 My go-to order is always medium because it鈥檚 just the right size with the same number of toppings as the large. My toppings were rock melon, watermelon and biscuit sauce (馃槏) and it was very refreshing! The biscuit sauce was really good as usual, perfect for those who love Lotus biscuits/speculoos!
Wei Ting
New Flavour As some may know I am actually a huge fan of llao llao鈥檚 yogurt, and I frequent there almost every other week to enjoy their yogurt with either pistachio/ lotus biscuit sauce! I was really excited when @llaollao_sg annouced about the launch of the new flavour and tbh we were not informed about the name of the flavour prior to receiving it. I was pleasantly surprise and happy when we received the yogurt and found out that the new flavour is actually of my favourite, caramelized cookie. The new yogurt flavour taste 馃憤, with a light caramelized cookie taste. Personally I feel that it will go well together with the berries such as strawberry, blueberry etc. A good news to all, Llao Llao will be launching a new outlet at Wisma Atria (#B1-64A), and the caramelized cookie flavour will be firstly available at the outlet sometime next week. Do stay tune to llaollao_sg instagram page for more updates. note: pictures are for illustration purposes. Thank you @llaollao_sg for sending the new flavour for me and my loved ones to enjoy 馃構. 馃摳: @llaollao_sg
@llaollaosg Medium with Pistachio sauce 馃崷馃槏 The reason why I decided to buy this as dessert is because I've always wanted to try their pistachio sauce and I love how they have the nuts inside (which gave this sauce the additional texture hehe). But those parts without the nuts might be a little too sweet on its own. But overall it's nice! Anyway they are currently giving out free caramelized cookies crumbs topping (my fav too!!) #myheartapprove . - 馃: SGD: 5.90 - 馃憛: 4/5
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Carrot Cake ($6.50++) Ah, cakes. Ever since I was a bovine, juvenile synthesis of a mortal known as a child, I鈥檝e always had a sweet tooth and enjoyed tearing at the purity of my cavities with the innocent likes of chocolates, candies and other devilish confectionaries. The end result was a series of fortnightly trips to the dentist over the course of two years in my youth. Now, only perfection remains as the very teeth that I possessed to destroy have become polished tools of mastication that glisten with glorious lustre. As to whether I remain to write on psychedelics synthetic and organic, the answer still remains a mystery to my being. Now where was I? Oh yes, cakes. - Situated in a lovely little concrete neighbourhood at Telok Blangah, Out Of The Cake Box is a quaint little bakery that prides itself on its unique desserts that interprets local flavours, with pleasantly surprising results. The destination is a simple stone鈥檚 throw away from the station, making it the perfect pit-stop to indulge in some delightfully playful creations that remind us of a time that was. - Their Carrot Cake ($6.50++) is a perfect example of their efforts to incorporate traditional Singaporean flavours with classic dessert-making techniques. Every bite of the curious creation featured a spiced moist carrot sponge layered with hazelnuts and salted caramel cream cheese frosting, resulting in a sweet and savoury spoonful that is reminiscent of a traditional carrot cake serving. - Next up was the Rose Lychee ($5.50++), a light and effervescent cake with an ethereal texture that played beautifully well with its subtle floral qualities. With rosewater sponge, fresh lychee cream, juicy lychee bits and strawberry jelly, this cake hit all the right spots for dessert on a warm summer afternoon. - The Millionaire Tart ($6++) was aptly named, for it was rich. Pure decadence arrived in the form of a slow-baked chocolate custard made from a blend of Belgium chocolate and dark chocolate on short crust pastry, with a savoury counterbalance lent by a topping of sea-salt caramel.
Mango Stick Rice ($6.50) And Takoh Belle ($6.50) I absolutely adore this little cake shop. Looks nondescript and unassuming with its location in a HDB void deck. But have a go at their cakes, they're so refined and on par with those you'll get at your high class CBD patisseries. My favourite part was the sticky rice layer in the mango sticky rice. Takoh means pandan leave basket in Thai and belle means beautiful - and that's what Takoh Belle was, a beautiful pandan-perfumed dessert.
XO Durian Rellingeuse Saw this on their Instagram 鈥 knew that I had to give it a go because of my love with Choux puffs. This one felt as though it was in the fridge for a while; a little dried out with the fillings being a wee bit icy. Otherwise, the XO Durian mousse is smooth and creamy, pungent and fibrous. The durian made from meringue gives it a bit of sweetness; encased a smaller Durian Puff within. Could imagine how this would be better if it鈥檚 fresher.
Xing Wei
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Garden Fine Dining Experience Part of the previous Corner House degustation, landes white asparagus is one of the most intriguing courses for me. Icy yuzu sorbet that pairs with marine lobster and kristal caviar that brings out the freshness of the seafood. Simultaneously, these are enhanced by the mild spiciness from green cocnut laksa gravy. It was a dish that is beautifully decorated to showcase the botanica theme.
The 鈥淐evenne Onion鈥 that changed Chef Jason鈥檚 life. This was the highlight of our 7-course (that totalled up to countless items) dinner at @cornerhousesg that wow-ed us item after item. The complete 4-part to 鈥淭he Onion Revealed鈥 comprised the baked onion cup, onion tart, onion chip and an onion tea. This onion cup in its most natural form, was baked and filled with onion pur茅e and confit, with a sous-vide egg and shaved black truffles. The result was a comforting taste of satisfaction to the senses. The tart and chips topped up the experience with different tastes and textures; before a cup of onion tea. Simple as it looked, but the small tea-cup held an emulsion of onion and cream, made from 3kg of onions and 2days鈥 work to produce a mere 200ml. We felt delighted and proud as we savoured this exquisite creation and many of Chef Jason鈥檚 other amazing dishes during our memorable dinner in the most beautiful restaurant with the best services.
I makan
Fish Cracker With Tobiko We started off with the amuse bouche, this was one of them. Flavours was pretty expected, fish cracker was made well. Nothing amazing, just a good start to the meal 馃檪
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