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For Best Elevated Korean Bar Food Note this one down for dinner and drinks with your mates. To go with your jug of Makgeolli ($28), order their tender Grilled Pork Belly ($26) that comes with kimchi and a side salad drenched in a creamy anchovy-filled dressing. Another crowd favourite is the Seafood Rapokki ($22) that sees a rich and slightly spicy stew of ramyeon, topokki, shrimp mussels, squid and Korean fishcake blanketed in melted mozzarella. Photo by Burppler Dex Neo
Grilled Pork Belly ($26++) Snag my last chance to enjoy 1 for 1 at Joo Bar and no other person to enjoy it with than my mum 😬 It is not difficult to understand why this place is so popular, the slightly pricey Korean small and big bites somehow works with the generous (for light drinkers) low alcoholic content Makgeolli. The above dish feels good till you stop at the salad concoction that surprises you with bites of small anchovies, an excellent well thought side.
Flaming Chick Jumeokbap ($24). Warning: this is really not for the faint-hearted nor diners with low heat tolerance. Served in a hot plate and lit with a flame torch right in front of your eyes, this flaming chick jumeokbap‘s spiciness is not one to be underestimated. Spicy chicken thighs in chunks, pickled radish, shiitake mushroom, king oyster mushrooms and a ball of seaweed rice. Just as the dish was lit with fire, my tongue was too, with the dish. Thought the combination of the side ingredients especially the rice ball was a little out of place in the dish, but overall still decent taste. Perhaps they might want to consider lowering the spiciness.
Miss Ha
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Nesuto⁣⁣ Patisserie 8 Feb’19, Fri⛅️⁣⁣ 📍Nesuto⁣⁣ Patisserie - C3 Cheesecake🧀⁣⁣ - Le’ Chocolat🍫⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Becos got Burpple Beyond one-for-one, just eat only!😋⁣⁣ Probably the pâtisserie which I frequent the most...😜⁣⁣ First time trying these 2 cakes and they are just so good~ Like the base of the cheesecake, making the cheesecake a little different from the norm, like Oreo or something, the cheesecake portion is not too jelak, I can finish it on my own I guess~ As for the chocolate cake, the mousse inside is nicely filled, eating it with the base, delish~ and what not, the appearance is so “shiny”, instagram-worthy okay~ So far for the cakes I’ve tried here, find that they are all nice leh~ except for the one with cherry and liquor which I find it too “adult taste” to my likings... Damage: $9.90 (Burpple Beyond one-for-one)
Le Omm, Raspberry Yuzu ($9++ Per Slice); On Burpplebeyond with Drinks One foot in the glass doors of this beautifully furnished dessert boutique cafe and I knew the longing to visit this place with mum, after a friend introduced their sliced cakes to me at a dinner gathering (at that point in a takeaway box), was not unfounded. The dainty cakes here goes into my category of “nice to admire and nice to fork on”; I personally favoured the Raspberry Yuzu flavor over the Le Omm (Matcha). The refreshingly citrusy moist sponge of the former outshone the pale tasting latter.
decadent desserts Tried Nesuto’s tiramisu ($11.85) the first time I visited, and I’ve come back for this every time since :”-) the mascarpone is light and fluffy, layered with shortbread soaked in coffee & alcohol (a mix of rum, kahlua and marsala wine) and topped with dark chocolate rocks. Nesuto may be a little pricey but its well justified by the quality and portion! Also an incredible deal with burpple beyond (1 for 1 cake + drink).
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Truffle Cream Salmon ($15.90) The Japanese phrase will tell you that you have three faces, the first one you show to the world, the second you show to your family, and the last you never show to anyone. The third one is often said to be the 'truest' reflection of who you are. In my case, the third face mirrors that of a simian ape on a cocaine and adrenaline overdose. - 📍 THE PLACE A pleasant little joint on the ground floor of The Cathay building, dim lighting and an island-seating concept that is aptly shaped like a scaled-down Noah’s Ark, this time without the animals and with more sashimi. - 🍽 THE FOOD 1️⃣ Wagyu Truffle Beef Don ($23.90) - the staple of practically every mid-scaled donburi joint at the moment, this did not fall below nor exceed expectations 2️⃣ Truffle Cream Salmon ($15.90) - I have a personal bias for the flaky, clean maritime flavours of salmon paired with a cream-based sauce of any kind, so add truffle into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a winner of a donburi 3️⃣ Premium Kaisen Don ($25.90) - it comes in a miniature replica of the scaled-down Noah’s Ark previously mentioned. The entertainment value of that alone is worth half the price 4️⃣ Hotate Mentai ($8) - interesting take on a scallop carpaccio with the addition of cornflakes for a textural contrast - 🤔 THE VERDICT It’s a sushi bar in a boat, that’s gotta be on your bucket list, right?
Chilli Crab Don Fresh salmon at a good price, the hot sake makes everything even better!
Wagyu Truffle Beef Wagyu Truffle Beef was overpriced in my opinion, given that I could get better tasting ones at a much more affordable rate from other restaurants. This bowl was not impressive at all, rice could have been a little warmer, there could have been a little more sauce, pretty much mediocre at best. ⁣⁣⁣
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