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Got the fave $18 for $30 promo. Chicken is very fresh. They really don’t use frozen chicken!

Not very expensive. Generous portion of salted egg. You can TOP up $4 for a chanwamushi and a drink of your choice!

Worth all cents to try this dish! Super big piece of fish!

$12.10 for one. I think good for first time. It’s very fluffy. But the ingredient can be more :)

Took the premium buffet, totally worth it! Service is good! Look at this portion for 2 pax only! And it’s buffet!

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Super nice! I chose the pepper sauce. It’s quite spicy! Must try! Cost me $12.90 with a soup and a drink!

Very nice soup and it’s sweet! Should try the dry one too! Used beyond 1 for 1!