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The food here was really delicious - the Mediterranean chicken was well marinated with a wide array of herbs while the noodles were yummy and authentic. Loved the strong flavour of the Vietnamese iced coffee ($3) as well!

Churros waffles were incredibly good and an interesting twist on classic Belgian waffles. Loved how the waffles was fluffy on the inside but crispy outside. We opted for the avocado flavour ice cream which was creamy yet light. Will definitely be back for more of this delicious dessert!

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Personally, the broth and meat was a little too salty for my liking but the udon had a nice and chewy texture. The egg was amazing and the yolk was cooked to perfection. We loved the fact how you could add your own toppings according to your preferences.


Almond milk ($3.70) was very smooth and refreshing (can choose either cold or hot). We topped it with 3 glutinous rice balls (additional $1.40) that had peanut filling which complemented this dessert nicely.

Really worth it under 1-for-1!! Kind of regretted not ordering the dry ramen with egg on top but the noodles were springy, tasty and delicious. Comes with a bowl of miso soup and you can add more chili oil according to your preference!

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Pretty worth it weekday set lunch ($1 top up for chawanmushi). We ordered the beef stew and wagyu rice set which came with a drink (hot or cold green tea) and ice cream (flavours: chocolate, strawberry, lychee, etc). The chawanmushi has a smooth texture but was a bit salty. Beef stew was tasty but we hoped for more gravy. Beef wagyu rice set was pretty good (though also a bit salty), but the onsen egg complimented the dish perfectly.

Selection was quite good but the noodles were overcooked and a bit soggy. Mushrooms and quail egg are highly recommended because they go well with the mala.

6 piece chicken set with fries and a drink. The Gangnam chicken flavour was spicy but the sauce was too thick, salty and overwhelming - prefer the usual flavours instead. Kimchi fries were seasoned with kimchi powder - loved the texture and flavour of the fries!

The burpple 1-for-1 deal comprises of 3 bowl flavours that we could choose from, served together with miso soup and green tea (either hot or cold). Loved the texture and flavour of the meat (infused with truffle oil or butter), while the rice was coated generously with sauce, topped with an onsen egg to complete the dish.

Lovely place to chill and have breakfast/brunch but it’s quite small so it gets crowded very quickly and the queues are pretty long. The chicken and cheese was special and delicious so we decided to takeaway another one! Croissant and ice latte was pretty good and similar to other cafes.

Generous roe and fish served with rice. Fish was relatively fresh but slices were too small so it’s hard to taste the fish. Drink was bottled grape juice ($2.50) which was too sweet.

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Definitely worth trying since these soft fluffy pancakes were pretty unique. It went well with the maple syrup and cream that was served on the side but is best shared since the portion is rather big. They only serve these pancakes at specific timings at limited quantities (we were served at 2:30pm) so do check with the staff before getting a seat.

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