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I am an avid fan of ootoya and every time I go, I would order Neba Neba which is a combination of all things gooey (natto, okra, grated yam) on top of their homemade tofu.

I can’t get this anywhere else and it always leaves me dreaming for more after I leave.

After years of having this dish, it’s still my favourite dish from the restaurant.

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I can’t find a Ma la Xiang guo as delicious, as cheap and as consistent as this store. This particular bowl costs only $9.50.

I always ask for an additional serving of peanuts at only 50cents.

I come back time and time again and have never been dissatisfied.


*Disclaimer: pls don’t compare this pizza to traditional pizza from USA or Italy. It’s more comparable to Pizza Hut in my opinion.*

Had the lunch set with my Sister and was really surprised at how delicious it was. At first, I was kind of skeptical about whether ordering the more classic flavours would be a disappointment as they are known more for their “Chicago” inspired deep dish but we were proven wrong.

We had the Hawaiian (which strangely has shrimp) and decided to add the gold edge crust which has two types of cheese and sweet potato added. It was delightful. We chose the calamari with onion tartar as a side. Omg, the coating on the calamari and that onion tartar was so so so good. Too bad the calamari itself was so tough and dry. (Just one bad point)

Pizza crust is more like bread and it’s not meant to imitate traditional pizza crust. It’s enjoyable for bread/carb lovers.

Please go elsewhere if you are a purist or on a diet.


Bff lunch set for 2 includes a choice of side and a pizza (choose from some of the more basic flavours) and two refillable hot or cold barley tea.

Had the rump steak and instead of medium rare, I got a medium well.
Great pricing and a good place to go try other cuts of beef if you are not fussy with your doneness.

Service is good but I don’t think I’ll go back.
The side dishes were similar to the astons side dishes with exception to some items like the coleslaw that had a sesame dressing.

Steaks are served with salt and wasabi on the side. Dipping the steak in salt brought out the flavours so no sauce was needed.

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When they described this tea on the menu as “smoky roasted tea”.. they weren’t joking! It has an amazing smoky aroma akin to some sort of woody incense (not great for some, I’m guessing). I loved it and would love to try this hot next time.

Best Roti John in Singapore. Get any of the roti John specials (it has mushrooms and cheese) with the meat of your choice. Also, ask for extra chilli sauce. No regrets.

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