Have a good variety of sushi. Good service too.

Both flavours were a little bland (without spamming the sources) but overall ok. Loved the rice punch that we ordered.

The wings are really done well. We especially love the garlic parm and wedge fries.

Love their tarts and cakes. This place is awesome!

Had this with Burpple 1-for-1 deal. Generous amount. Delicious fish and mashed potato.

Singapore chilli crab ($76). Good crab and lots of eggs! Yummy~

Really not bad. The cream is not overpowering. The fish is also well seasoned.

This place is so pretty! It's a good place to just chill and enjoy a cup of coffe and eclair. :)

Really loved the softness, fragrance and texture of their desserts. Would go back again to try more.

It's pricy even with 1-for-1 curry deal ($24 for curry with frozen prawns, $5 for a plate of plain rice). The quality was so-so.

The beef was soft and tender, so is the broccoli :)