$5.50. Think the ratio between coffee and milk could be better. Didn’t really feel that the double shot of espresso in magic was coming through in this drink. It was a lot milkier than expected

$23. Pleasantly surprised at how this mentaiko pasta wasn’t overflowing with cream. We topped up for the tagliatelle which helped made sure we had just enough sauce with each mouthful of pasta and prawn.

Used the Burpple Beyond 1 for 1 deal for this

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Came here and used Burpple Beyond 1 for 1 deal.

The white sauce was a white wine sauce that went really well with the pasta itself. Generous amount of ingredients in the pasta led to a good serving of crabmeat with every mouthful. Quite enjoyed the use of chili paid and garlic in this dish as well. Overall one of the more enjoyable pasta dishes I had in awhile.

$5. A decent cup that had a pleasant aftertaste. A lil more on the milky side. Was expecting this to be double shot, but I guess it was a single?

$8.50. Was an unusual pairing that was actually quite pleasant together. The sweetness of the various Cheng Tng ingredients (GENEROUS AMOUNT) complemented the acidity in the cold brew used.

Finished the entire bowl. But regretted slurping up the last few spoonfuls as it got cloyingly sweet at the end. Think it was the sugar used as part of the Cheng Tng. Would think it would be better if I had mixed it as I ate it overtime!

$5.50. Got an extra shot (+$0.5) to give it a better milk to coffee ratio and make it more reminiscent of a flat white for myself. It was a pretty decent cup that was quite fragrant.

Was a good cup for a rainy afternoon.