Always wanted to try their fish soup and I must say I was definitely impressed! I ordered the usual batang fish soup ($6.80) and I was delighted that the soup has a robust flavour coming from boiling fish bones and perhaps dried fish flakes. The soup isn't too salty and has extra interesting ingredient: salted vegetables. They definitely added umami to the already flavourful soup!

The fish slices itself were generous, and were extremely fresh. With natural sweetness, each slice also had a bouncy texture that I loved! Definitely a good bowl of fish soup I crave on rainy days!

Had a chance to eat at this really popular teochew restaurant and I must say food here were executed really well!

For a start we had teochew cold crabs ($45 each) and they were so fresh, meaty and full of roe! The crab roe were rich and creamy, and did not have a foul smell.

Another authentically teochew dish we had was the Pork Jelly ($15) which was rich, gelatinous and meaty! Perfect with the chilli sauce 😍

Another dish worth mentioning is their Pig Trotters, which appears to be an off-menu item. The pork trotter was well braised in a savoury sweet sauce, and the meat was probably the most tender I've ever had! The sauce goes very well with some mantou, so be sure to get those!

Their Yam Ring ($18) was executed well too, with the yam itself fried very well as it was crispy on the outside, and creamy inside. The mixed vegetables inside were not overcooked definitely!

As for the mains, the Cai Poh Kway Teow ($12) is worth a mention, as the wok hei is strong in this plate and it was so flavourful with all the salted vegetables!

Will be back again! Seems like a wonderful place for family gatherings 😊

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One of the many dessert cafes in bedok, Denzy Gelato is popular to many living around the area. We had their double scoop waffles, with their Yuzu Mango and Mocha Crisps gelato flavours. The Yuzu Mango was extremely refreshing, especially when it's like a sorbet. The fruity tangy flavours come through strongly, making this perfect for a hot day! The Mocha Crisps had a moderately strong coffee flavour, smooth and not too acidic and had fun crispy chocolate balls within.

The waffles itself is the very airy kind and not too doughy. Pretty much the whole outer layer is very crispy! Wonderful cafe to go to if you are around the area!


If you fancy a good plate of hokkien mee with strong seafood broth and loads of garlic and pork lard flavours, this is it. Their $7 portion came in generous portions, enough for perhaps 2 small eaters or 1 big one! This is a wetter kind of hokkien mee, which tend to come with less smokey flavour but more savoury broth flavour!

If you think you had good hokkien mee chilli so far, think again. Their chilli comes with an extra main ingredient, ikan billis! Those fried anchovies definitely gave an extra umami to the already flavourful and spicy chilli.

Absolutely recommended and definitely will come again!

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Now this is another fish soup in the east I would travel to eat! Their fresh fish soup ($4.50) is filled with a variety of ingredients, including fresh fish slices that had such s good bite! The fish slices were naturally sweet as well. What's best is their soup broth that not only has the taste of fish stock, it took on the flavour of fried egg pieces as well. Now that's one good fish soup to be added to my list!

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Although not the friendliest staff working at this Yong Tau Foo stall, the food quality here is indeed not bad! Chanced upon this stall with a constant queue and did not have any regrets.

I got noodles with 6 ingredients and paid about $4-5 and the portion was really big! The staff will ask if you would like them to fry the fried ingredients and doing so really did made those pieces taste much nicer, though much oiler.

I actually really liked the soup, as you can taste the flavours coming from the soy beans. All ingredients tasted great with their chilli sauce, which packed a savoury punch. Definitely a stall I wouldn't mind eating again if I'm around the area!

Had a chance to go for the distillery tour and it was such an interesting experience learning about the roots of this distillery and how gin is made.

The tour comes with a welcome drink, that is mainly using calamansi juice and their very own dry gin. Absolutely loved the flavours coming from this cup, as it is tangy, refreshing and beautiful herbal taste of the gin makes this very pleasant.

The tour also comes with a tasting flight, with 3 of their gins. With the Singapore dry gin being herbally, butterfly pea being florally and the pahit pink being spicy and smoky, we loved butterfly pea the best. Paired with just tonic, it's extremely smooth and pleasant, with the floral flavours coming through strong.

With such beautiful vibes and service, I can really see myself coming back to have good gins and fun times with friends and loved ones. Will be back again!

Have heard about their unique omakase where you get enormous quantities of ikura and we were pretty impressed!

The standard omakase ($128) comprises of 9 courses and there is indeed a huge variety. From sashimi to tempera to grilled dishes, they have them all. These are just some of the dishes we had during the course and I must say I was very surprised by the beauty of the plating of their dishes!

As for the food quality, all dishes were of decent quality definitely. The sashimi pieces were decently fresh and the Wagyu Beef was pretty tender but not melt in the mouth though. Though I must admit I was not expecting much when I was served corn, but that is probably the sweetest, juiciest and most delicious corn I've had.

If you love your ikura, this is definitely a place to check out. To make it less painful on your wallet, you can get some discounts via @chopesg vouchers! Definitely a place to bring your loved ones for a celebration!

Excited to know they have opened this other outlet and I'm even more impressed with the food here! We had a variety of food to share including pastas, mains and some sides.

We got the Pesto Chicken Pizza ($20) and the Spanish Chorizo & Jamon Iberico Ham Pizza ($25) and I loved how the crust were not so thick, but really absolutely delicious. The outside is crispy and the inside is chewy. The Pesto Chicken had a generous amount of fresh Pesto sauce, giving this pizza a good earthy flavour. The Jamon Iberico Ham on the other really gave the pizza earthy smoky yet rich flavours and I'm really in love with this one!

Although the Honey Glazed Pork Ribs ($29) weren't the most tender, but they still fell off the bone pretty easily and full of savoury smoky flavours! Glad that they were meaty as well and had enough to go around. The wedges were legendary, as they were so crispy on the outside and so creamy on the inside.

The Atlantic Salmon ($25) came with some beautiful creamy mash, that is flavourful as well. Salmon itself is quite a huge piece, very fresh and definitely cooked just right. I love how they managed to make the skin really crispy!

The 2 sides we ordered, Shoestring Fries ($6) and Tater Tots ($6) came in generous portions, and they were very well fried and so addictive! Definitely good sharing portions.

So glad the dishes except the sides were 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond and definitely will be back!

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If you are looking for quality Cantonese fare, this is one place to look out for! Although abit pricey, most of the food here do have a certain standard, especially the fried spam fries here that is coated with salted egg sauce 😍 not only the batter is crispy, the salted egg sauce is rich and creamy and that makes it really addictive!

Sadly, I was not able to take photo of some main dishes that we've ordered, but I do remember the roasted pork belly and fried Hong Kong noodles being the main highlights. The roasted poor belly came in really thick pieces, with the skin being really crispy and the meat absolutely tender and succulent. Indeed one of the best roasted pork belly I've had!

The Hong Kong Noodles, though looked simple with just thin noodles and sautéed vegetables, were packed with loads of flavour. The noodles were well springy and were rather smoky too!

I remembered we ordered a huge variety of dishes and each person paid about $25. If I'm craving Cantonese dishes, I might consider coming back again!

Had a chance to try their Truffle mushroom noodle bento ($12.90) and was really impressed! The springy noodles were well coated with very umami packed sauce that has both good elements of a strong mushroom and truffle oil flavour. The mushrooms were well braised and were springy as well! The dumplings I chose for the set were chilli prawn filling, and I liked it due to its strong prawn flavour, with a heat that kicks in after. The appetiser bean sprouts were well seasoned with vinegar, making them really addictive! I must say this is a well rounded meal, great to order back to office during lunch!


If you like your burger sloppy, the double cheeseburger ($9.90) is one of the best ones I've had. Think 2 incredibly juicy and succulents smashed patties, with a good overall smoky crust and relatively strong tasting cheese. Each bite is full of flavour, making this really sinful yet heavenly! I really do find this outlet much better than the other outlets I've had. The addition of fries and drink ($4.90) was alright, but the burger really won me over. Definitely be back if I'm craving good burgers!

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