Sweet Treats For The Sweet Tooth All the sweetness in your mouth, mind and makes your tummy happy happy ✌️
Welcome ✌️ 花蓮 🍃 Another county in Taiwan. I just simply adore Taiwan so much that it's gonna be my 2nd home or perhaps 1st 😁
10 Things That You Must Eat When You're In Taiwan As the title says, it's a MUST. No 'but', no 'urhm', no 'I try...' 😁
Ohaiyo! Tokyo 2014 Going around to search for good food in Tokyo 🎌🎎🎏🎐
My ❤️ For Dim Sum Because my mom loves dim sum, so we used to have dim sum every month when we were young. So as a habit and a lover for food, I instantly fell for dim sum. Ultimate weakness = prawns!
Japanese Food Yay! 🎌 I love sashimi, I love sushi, I love ramen. I love almost anything about Japan. Since it's not very possible to travel to Japan as when as I like, so I got to satisfy my cravings in SG first! 😍