Strongly recommend their Thai Tom Yum Seafood Pasta and After Morning Pizza! Very value for money with Burpple Beyond 1-1.

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Ordered Oberworks ($21), the Original Rosti ($13) and a side of Jalapeño Bacon Mac ‘N’ Cheese ($8). Used Burpple 30% of mains which doesn’t cover add-on’s and sides. Rosti was seasoned well but a bit too oily and not as crispy for my liking. Quality was overall decent but if not for Burpple deals, I don’t think I would come as often because of the price. Would not order the mac and cheese again though as I felt there was nothing special about it and the cheese sauce tasted a little flat.

Was pretty packed for a weekday dinner and it took quite some time for us to get our food. But overall, worth the wait! My friends and I ordered the exact same dish - Aburi Mentai Kazoku Don (~$13). It was off their original menu but displayed on the special/premium menu items board. Sashimi was pretty fresh and had a nice smoky taste because of the aburi (seared) preparations, and mentaiko was flavourful and not too pungent (to my liking even though I don’t particularly like mayo). Gobbled them down with 1-for-1 Burpple deals and caught their happy hour so definitely was worth. 👍🏻 Would be back!

Introduced by my friend, it was my first time dining at South Union Park. Burpple’s 1-for-1 definitely made it much more affordable as the food there is generally quite pricey! We had Short Rib Ragu ($23) and Seared Prawn Mentaiko Tagliatelle ($23). The Seared Prawn Mentaiko Tagliatelle wasn’t super heavy on the mentaiko taste but instead was really savoury. For someone who isn’t a big fan of mentaiko and mayo, this pasta dish was suitable for my palate, delicious even! The Short Rib Ragu I felt paled in comparison. Although still umami tasting and they did give quite a decent portion of beef, I felt that the flavours could be elevated - maybe bringing out the beef flavours a little more. Ended off with Brownie with Salted Caramel Ice Cream ($11) which to be honest was nothing fantastic. Overall, not too bad. Would come back if I do have the means to spend a little more on food!

Personally find that I would only get this using Burpple 1-for-1 deal - ~$17.50 for Main, Salad, Pre-selected Side, and Hot/Iced Green Tea. Got their Signature Kaisendon which was nothing really outstanding and sashimi isn’t the freshest. Felt a tinge jelat and thought the flavours could have been alleviated a little to counter that. However, they did add premium ingredients like prawn, scallop and mock abalone, albeit only one of each.

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Would say that the quality is quite standard but overall, was a pretty filling meal! Shared clam chowder and mushroom soup with a friend, and had my own popiah wrap - all for around $5+ per pax because of Burpple deals so not bad and quite value-for-money in my opinion (take note that deals might limit you to certain options though). Would come back if I have feels for something soupy but not first choice!

Really decent bowl of udon!! I’m a fan of the soup for the Sanuki Beef Egg Udon ($11.60) - more towards the sweet side (reminds me of Sukiyaki broth?) and yet still savoury. Was not sick of the soup at all even till the end. My only gripe about the udon is that they placed the fried tempura bits in the soup when they first serve you. After waiting for my turn to pay the bill and sit to eat, they have all grown soggy. So might opt to ask them to place them in another bowl on the side next time. Overall, a delish bowl of udon that costs less than $9 after Burpple deal - worth!

With Burpple’s 1-for-1 deals, it was an easy choice for us to make and we chose their sirloin steak over pasta as both were roughly the same price! Pity that we couldn’t try their pork chop as I read reviews that it was good - soft and tender. Sirloin steak ($24++ before deal) was decent, not too bad but nothing especially significant to rave about. However, what caught us were their fries!! Although I don’t normally love thick cut fries, theirs were cooked perfectly. Fragrant, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside!! Overall, don’t really think this would be a place my mind would instinctively/automatically think of coming back unless I’m nearby, and Burpple deals are still available.

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Used the burpple deals on our mains and got ourselves a glass of mixed lager/beer with fruit juice too. Total damage was about $20/pax+ so was pretty decent! The sausages here were really juicy and had a nice bite to them. Would recommend the Bauernwurst (farmer’s sausage) - salty and savoury, well seasoned with spices and herbs. Looking forward to coming back and trying their other dishes too.

Typically not a fusion pasta girl but am back here at The Assembly Ground for Burpple’s 1-for-1 pasta deal and came out with a happy belly! Not sure what exactly is in the sauce (kind of taste like there’s some oyster sauce working in there), but I really love the savoury and umami sauce that’s coating the linguine for the Tempura Mentaiko. The fusion flavours really worked for that one! The Umami Prawn was not too bad too with their really juicy and succulent prawns. However, it’s not my favourite and I felt like perhaps the other seafood pastas might be more worth for the price. Will be back to try out the rest of the pastas in time to come. (: