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tender and flavorful turkey ham, sweet pineapple and lots of mozzarella cheese with heaps of tomato sauce (alittle too much imo)
the crust is similar to pizza hut's bread crust

overall I loved it

Warong Kim's Goreng Delights
a stall located @ Our Tampines Hub

ordered small for everything and the portion was generous, however, every dish was soggy and tasteless, the carrot cakes were very sweet though.

one of the places I was pretty excited to try when Jewel opened.
I ordered the American Raw Poke Bowl ($10.90), served with bite sized salmon sashimi cubes, cabbages, broccoli, onions, rice and topped with soy sauce.
i was disappointed as it was too salty and the rice were hard (seems like overnight rice).
but I have to say, their salmon is very fresh and I love the concept of their place.
salmon lovers can give it a try when you visit Jewel :)

tastes very much like old school milk tea, especially the green apple one.
not sure is it cus ive tasted so many bubble tea so far that I prefer the common ones now instead 😅 but for those who reminisce the bubble tea we used to have after school might wanna give this a try :) price is similar to itea ($2.70)

was so excited to try this out and thankfully the queue wasn't that long on Tuesday, 2 July.
cameralized Boba adds the sweetness to the pearls and were quite chewy.
overall, I felt that the milk was too strong.
might try their milk tea the next time I visit!

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noodles were not too salty, pork given were very fragrant even though mostly burnt parts and only 1 piece of veggies were given, it's still overall not bad for $3.30

been a while since I last drank Playmade's bbt, asked for 25% sugar level and still find it very sweet though.

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tried their new Peach Milk Tea and it tastes just as it sounds, asked for 25% and the sweetness was just nice. I could have added toppings but I wanted to try it with just the peach.

usually I'd order their chicken rice when I'm there but today I thought I'd give this a try instead.
very generous with the meat and noodles, wanton was okay, the char siew given had a lot of fat in it (some ppl prefer that, but not me 😅) could have given more veggies instead.
but overall, it's not bad and totally worth it for $3! :)

Savory, but not too salty, would prefer if they added a soft boiled egg instesd of a fried egg and add more veggies.
nonetheless, somewhat satisfy my banmian craving today :)

better than any bingsoo you've ever tried, looks simple but so refreshing and not overly sweet.
this dessert was just nice after a meal 😊


worth the try, very generous with the chicken and sauce complimenting with rice

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