My experience using the Burpple app for the first time at Eleven Strands was disappointing. I had high expectations for the restaurant that had signed up with the app.

When I asked the service staff about the promotions available with the Burpple app, their response was vague. They simply stated that the Burpple app itself was a promotion. I mentioned seeing a one-for-one offer and sought clarification, but the staff suggested I order an additional pasta instead.

I asked if the promotion meant I could claim the lower-priced pasta, but the staff did not provide any clear explanation. Additionally, when I opted for a takeaway, I was informed about a service charge. I inquired if there was any difference in charges for dine-in, but the staff said the charges still applied.

I found the whole experience confusing. When I received the receipt, I was surprised to see that I was still charged the full price for both pastas. The staff then mentioned a new price, which added to my confusion.

I paid the bill but left feeling dissatisfied. It's disappointing that this restaurant, despite being on the Burpple app, doesn't seem interested in welcoming customers or honoring the one-for-one promotion. The lack of clear explanations only added to the frustration.

In conclusion, I believe that if the restaurant's management allows such subpar service, it indicates that the establishment is focused more on handling a busy crowd than on providing a satisfactory dining experience.

Food - 3/10
Ambience - 4/10
Service - 2/10
Price - 4/10